Fernando Alarza is back

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In the past WTS Edmonton achieved a great 4 position, leaving behind the injury of the last weeks and getting his best WTS in sprint distance

Mario Mola achieved the triumph in Edmonton WTS, consolidating as the undisputed leader of the World Cup, but the Canadian event also had another great news for the Spanish triathletes, the return of Fernando Alarza, after having been injured for a few weeks and not being able to perform at the 100% in the WTS in Hamburg.

In Edmonton Fernando achieved the fourth position, always in the race fighting with the best and practically reaching the sprint with Jacob Britwhistle who finally took the third podium drawer.

In ward of Omar González started the test by marking a time of 9: 24 in the 750m of swimming, coming out of the water next to Birtwhistle, Murray y Shilling

Fernando Alarza WTS

Soon they hunted the group of Mola and in the cycling segment it was seen Fernando very active, throwing a lot of time and carrying the great part of the weight in the pursuit of the group that led the test with Vicent Luis y Jonny Browlee, until they managed to hunt them down.

Later in the running race Mario Mola he soon picked up the head of the race, Bluemmenfelt, Britwhistle, Jonny Brownlee y Fernando holding on in the head quintet. Fernando He held on to podium positions until the final meters where he was overtaking Britwhistle. The best part of the test was to see Alarza again in the lead, fighting with the best of you.

Fernando Alarza He did his best sprint distance WTS in Edmonton since he was third in Gold Coast in April of last year.

Only subtract two tests for the end of the world championship, the WTS of Monreal and the grand finale of the WTS in Gold Coast, both tests Olympic distance. Fernando is located currently in the 6ª position of the world ranking, with the intact options of fighting for the final podium.

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