Fernando Alarza and Helle Frederiksen win the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon

Fernando Alarza, recently proclaimed Absolute Triathlon Champion of Spain, certified the great moment of form he is going through, achieving this morning one of the most important victories of his career.

The young triathlete, 21 years old, cemented his victory in the good regularity that he maintained in the three stages of this triathlon, initiating it with a sensational foot race in the last 10 km where he achieved a partial of 31:09. Mario Mola, who entered one minute and 35 seconds behind Alarza at the finish line, was able to capture Cesc Godoy in the race on foot thanks to his 31:04 in that section, two minutes faster than the Barcelona who had remained in the lead until km 25 of bicycle until Alarza was hunted. The two stayed together until the second transition.

Alarza thus improves the third position achieved last year in the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon while Mola, who in 2011 gave in the sprint against the Portuguese Joao Silva, had to settle again with the second position.

The Polish Marek Jaskolka, who a few weeks ago was second in the test of the World Cup held in Korea, was fourth.

Helle Frederiksen clear dominator

In the female category the Danish Helle Frederiksen, currently in the top European 10, showed a clear superiority throughout the test compared to the second classified, the Basque Ainhoa ​​Murua, which ended up ahead in 4 minutes and 28 seconds.

Frederiksen knew how to take advantage of his advantage in the swimming area, leaving the water 37 seconds before his rival, and forced to the maximum by bike being almost 4 minutes faster than Murua in that stretch. That advantage was what he could maintain in the face of his final victory since he was only a second better than the Spanish in the race on foot (36: 41).

Murua, who this year achieved a sensational seventh position at the London Olympic Games, thus rose to the podium again after the victory achieved in the last edition.

Third in the women's category was the Catalan triathlete Carolina Routier at 1: 43 de Murua.

First classified times:


  1. Fernando Alarza 1:48:44 (19:42; 57:55; 31:09)
  2. Mario Mola 1:50:19 (20:10; 59:05; 31:04)
  3. Francesc Godoy 1:50:41 (19:05; 58:33; 33:05)
  4. Marek Jaskolka 1:51:31 (20:20; 58:56; 32:16)



  1. Helle Frederikseen 1:56:14 (20:23; 59:11; 36:41)
  2. Ainhoa Murua            2:00:42 (21:00; 1:03:03; 36:40)
  3. Carolina Routier 2:02:25 (20:25; 1:03:40; 38:21)
  4. Eloise Crooley 2:13:40 (24:51; 1:10:37; 38:13)

More from 6000 participants

The competition, which took place around the Olympic Village and the Platja de la Mar Bella, was attended by more than 6000 triathletes spread over the Olympic distances, Sprint and Super Sprint.

This year's edition highlighted an increase of 15% of participants in the Super Sprint category, an 10% of male category and another 10% of the number of foreigners who took part arrived from more than 30 different countries.

There are no previous results.

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