Fernando Simón: «There is no limitation for any type of individual sport»

from this Saturday the sport practice of any sport will be allowed, as long as it is individually.

Fernando Simon, spokesperson and director of the Spanish Alerts and Emergency Coordination Center, has just confirmed at the daily press conference that from this Saturday the sports practice of any sport will be allowed, provided it is individually.

In the absence of confirmation from the Health Ministers this afternoon, Simón has commented that there is no limitation for any type of individual sport, and depending on the area where they live, you can practice the sport according to it.

He has advanced some points that will be revealed this afternoon

In addition, it has nuanced some interesting points that advance contents of the conditions of sports practice

  • Se They will organize the schedules in which each of the groups can do the activity that has been proposed.
  • Individual sport is allowed, not the collective
  • Depending on the area where they live, it may practice the sport that can be done.
  • No grouping of athletes can be allowedas, even if they do sport individually (for example, running or cycling near each other
  • People walks can be done from the 14 years on

This afternoon at 18:00 more details

As indicated today at 18:00 the Minister of Health Salvador Illa will hold a new press conference detailing the hours for sports.

In this video you can see the appearance of Fernando Simón


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