FETRI calls for the cancellation of the Olympic Games

In the current existing state, we understand that the suspension of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games is proceeding.

The Spanish Triathlon Federation, has sent a statement joining the international movement that is becoming stronger calling for the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games.


"We are experiencing extremely delicate moments as a result of the pandemic in the face of a situation that affects people's health and which, as is being verified day by day, is generating a high number of infections and deaths, especially and unfortunately in countries like Spain.

 As a result of this situation, the Government of Spain has been forced to proclaim the state of alarm through the corresponding legislative instrument, which has led to a series of exceptional measures that are affecting all people and activities, and which are intended ensure the health of people to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

 This situation occurs in an Olympic year a few months after the celebration of the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Given this, and affected by the limiting measures or restrictions dictated and in force, our athletes and those who prepare them are in a state of great concern or uneasiness.

 Having exposed all of the above, from the Spanish Triathlon Federation it is considered that the entities that govern the sport, each in their respective areas and territories, must be consistent with the existing situation.

This at this moment inevitably happens through the making of decisions that, even if not desired by anyone, seem necessary for a single reason, which is none other than prioritizing and ensuring the health of people.

We understand that there is nothing more deserving of protection than the life and health of people, and the world of sports cannot and should not abstract from it.

 Sports, and especially sportsmen and women, have always been trumpeted about their values ​​and spirit of overcoming adversity, such as those that now haunt us as a whole of society.

It is understandable that our and our athletes and national teams want to carry out adequate preparation for such an important sporting event, but they must understand that both their health and that of other people is the only important thing right now, as they come to us. making it known permanently by government authorities.

 It is evident that at this time the conditions were not measured, nor the most minimal, to guarantee that our and our athletes and teams can carry out their preparation and Olympic planning, ignoring aspects as relevant as the deadlines or periods in which it can be retaken activity in a standard way.

This is reason or argument more than enough to consider that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games cannot be carried out with the necessary normality and due respect for equality criteria between participants from different countries.

 Given this and for the record, decisions are made by the authorities that govern the Olympic movement, but we can only state that, in the current existing state, We understand that the suspension of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games is proceeding. on the dates in which they were initially planned, making it possible and desirable to hold them later when it is feasible.

We consider that the position of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Triathlon Federation pointed out in this statement is and must be fully aligned with that maintained by both the Higher Sports Council and the Spanish Olympic Committee and the International Triathlon Federation."


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