Flora Duffy and Alex Yee win at the Commonwealth Games

Today the triathlon event was held in the British city of Birmingham in the Commonwealth Games.

Some of the best triathletes of the moment have participated in the test, such as Flora Duffy, Georgia Taylor-Brown, Alex Yee or Hayden Wilde, among others.

In the women's category victory has been for Flora Duffy with a time of 55: 25 followed by Georgia Taylor-Brown (56: 06) and by Beth Potter (56: 46) in third position.

In the men's race, the gold went to Alex Yee with a time of 50:34 followed by Hayden Wilde (50: 47) and by Matthew Hauser (50:50) third.

The triathlon has been the protagonist in the Commonwealth Games for the fifth time, marking 20 years since its debut in the city and Manchester.

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Top 10 female

Position Athlete First Name Athlete Last Name Country Total Time
1 Flora Duffy BER 00:55:25
2 Georgia Taylor-Brown ENG 00:56:06
3 Beth Potter SCO 00:56:46
4 Sophie Coldwell ENG 00:57:06
5 Sophie City AUS 00:57:08
6 No Stanford WAL 00:57:10
7 Olivia Mathias WAL 00:57:19
8 Simone Ackermann RSA 00:57:19
9 Nicole Van Der Kaay NZL 00:57:24
10 Emy Legault CAN 00:57:31

Men's 10 Top

Position Athlete First Name Athlete Last Name Country Total Time
1 Alex Yee ENG 00:50:34
2 Hayden Savage NZL 00:50:47
3 Matthew Hauser AUS 00:50:50
4 Jacob Birtwhistle AUS 00:51:06
5 Grant Sheldon SCO 00:51:24
6 Jamie Riddle RSA 00:51:32
7 Dylan Mccullough NZL 00:51:35
8 Tayler Reid NZL 00:51:45
9 Iestyn Harrett WAL 00:51:51
10 Charles Paquet CAN 00:51:58

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