Flora Duffy sweeps the Arzachena World Cup

The Bermudian has led the race at all times

Today the Arzachena world cup, where the sprint distance test had 2 world champions Flora Duffy y Katie Zafferes.

As for the Spanish we have the presence of Miriam Casillas, Anna GodoySara Perez Sala y Xisca Tous. 

Dufft came out of the water with 14 seconds over Zaferes and 16 over Sara Pérez, who started 3rd. Anna Godoy was 5th in this segment.

The 20 km 3-lap cycling segment had a tough climb and downhill technique that marked each lap, forming in the first a chasing group of 8 units where it was, Zaferes, Klamer or Miriam Casillas passing 36 seconds behind Duffy.

Flora Duffy sweeps the Arzachena World Cup ,img_5f81805249704
cyclist profile of the Arzachena World Cup

Flora Duffy increased her lead on each lap to reach T2 with a 58-second lead over the group of Zaferes and Klamer.

Miriam Casillas fell off the hook in the second round and joined a third group with the rest of the Spanish arriving at T2 2 minutes behind Duffy.

Finally, Flora Duffy got the victory with a time of 1: 00: 54. The second classified has been Beth Potter arriving at 1:11 followed byr Verena Steinhauser to 1: 15.

As for the Spanish Anna Godoy It has been 13º,  Sara Perez 20ª, Miriam Casillas 22ª and Xisca Tous ª 24


Athlete Country  Time Difference
Flora Duffy  BER 1:00:54
Beth Potter  GBR 01:02:05 0:01:11
Verena Steinhauser  ITA 01:02:08 0:01:15
Leonie Periault  FRA 01:02:09 0:01:16
Angelica Olmo  ITA 01:02:15 0:01:22
Katie Zaferes  USA 01:02:19 0:01:26
Rachel Klamer  NED 01:02:39 0:01:46
Lisa Tertsch  GER 01:02:59 0:02:05
Alberte Kjaer Pedersen  THE 01:03:01 0:02:08
Mathilde Gautier  FRA 01:03:22 0:02:29
Anna Godoy Contreras  ESP 01:03:35 0:02:42
Sara Perez Sala  ESP 01:04:56 0:04:03
Miriam Casillas García  ESP 01:05:07 0:04:14
Xisca Tous  ESP 01:05:21 0:04:27

Duffy's 3rd podium this 2020

With this victory, Flora achieved her third podium in ITU tests with first place in the Karlovy Vary World Cup and second in the WTS in Hamburg.

The double world champion continues to show that she is in great shape


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