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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Flora Duffy wins the Tokyo Test Event, after the disqualification of Jessica Learmonth and Georgia Taylor Brown

The two British triathletes have been disqualified from the test as they entered the goal of the hand,

This Thursday morning in Tokyo, Flora Duffy She has been the winner of the demanding Test Event for the Olympic Classification in the most unexpected way.

He got the gold after the first two classified Jessica Learmonth y Georgia Taylor Brown llthey will reach the goal by hand, with their subsequent dscaling for causing a deliberate draw.

The legislation 2.11.f ,, explains the disqualification

The decision of the officers was made in accordance with the Rule 2.11.f, which states: "Athletes who finish in an artificial tie situation, where no effort has been made to separate their finishing times, will be disqualified."

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