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Flora Duffy wins the Tokyo Test Event, after the disqualification of Jessica Learmonth and Georgia Taylor Brown

The two British triathletes have been disqualified from the test as they entered the goal of the hand,

This Thursday morning in Tokyo, Flora Duffy She has been the winner of the demanding Test Event for the Olympic Classification in the most unexpected way.

Got the gold after the top two ranked Jessica Learmonth y Georgia Taylor Brown llthey will reach the goal by hand, with their subsequent dstaging for causing a deliberate tie.

The legislation 2.11.f ,, explains the disqualification

The officers' decision was made in accordance with the Rule 2.11.f, which states: "Athletes who end up in an artificial draw situation, where no effort has been made to separate their end times, will be disqualified."

The disappointment was clear on the part of the British days that seemed to suffer the consequences and the high temperatures of the summer, her teammate Vicky Holland was magnanimous when taking third place, the Italian Alice Betto now took silver and a place in the Olympic Games.

Shortened the running segment by high temperature

Although the test started early, the forecast of high temperatures made the decision to cut the race on foot to 5 kilometers taken by the officials.

The first to emerge from the water was Jessica Learmonth followed by Summer Rappaport, Katie Zaferes or Georgia Taylor Brown 10 seconds away. Flora Duffy came out in 20 seconds and Holland in more than 30.

In the cycling segment, two of the favorites Katie Zaferes and Kristin Kasper had a fall, losing all race options.

Finally, a group of 6 arrived at T2 at the head of the race with Flora Duffy in the lead with more than a minute and a half of advantage over the group of Holland, Stanford or Klamer.

In the running race, Jessica Learmonth and Taylor Brown moved away from the beginning, distancing Duffy, to reach the finish line together holding hands, which led to their disqualification from the race.

Flora Duffy He was third in goal to later take the gold. The fourth ranked (second officially) was Alice Betto followed by Vicky Holland.

Flora Duffy entering third goal of the Test Event Tokyo
IRU / Flora Duffy entering third in Tokyo Test Event goal

As for the Spanish Miriam Casillas finished in 13th final position

The image of disqualification

Photo meta test event Tokyo 2020
@ ChuckiBrown / Photo meta test event Tokyo 2020

Classification Test Tokyo 2020 Women

Flora Duffy 01:40:19
Alice Betto 01:40:54
Vicky The Netherlands 01:41:11
Victory Lopes 01:41:21
Summer Rappaport 01:41:25
Laura Lindemann 01:41:27
No Stanford 01:41:32
Taylor Spivey 01:41:38
Sophie Coldwell 01:41:59
Anna Maria Mazzetti 01:42:04


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