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Flora Duffy breaks a finger in a swimming training

He got hooked with the clasp

The double ITU World champion Flora Duffy He suffered a fracture in the past during a swimming training finger.

Hooked on the lanyard

It happened in the final part of a series of 400 when he hooked his hand with the street cork, hooking his little finger and breaking the fifth metacarpal

Bermudian published on social networks

«I broke my hand on Saturday morning. Swimming. Can you believe it?!

In the last 15m of a Rapid 400, my left hand hit the lane rope, my little finger snagged, pulled back, and broke the fifth metacarpal.

Today they operated on me to repair the fracture, fortunately the recovery is fast«

Flora started 2020 with a 70.3 win

Flora Duffy returned to competition in the best way by winning the IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa after a long injury in 2019.

He did it with the aim of obtaining the Slot for the World Championship in Taupo, and then focusing on the WTS and the Tokyo 2020 Games.


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