The mix & match format of TRITON Lisboa

TRITON is a new endurance sports brand that seeks change the way you compete in triathlon through innovation and offering more options to participate.

Instead of having fixed distances for each test or segment, TRITON focuses on adapt the distance to the venue where the race is held in order to provide the best experience to the athlete

This flexibility in the choice of distances makes TRITON races unique and different in the world of triathlon.

Mix & match format

This competition formatn allows athletes to choose the distance they want to compete in each segment.

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You decide how to compete, you choose the distances for each sport, you mix and match the distances.

At the time of registration you can select the distance, it's that easy

Image of how distances can be selected
Image of how distances can be selected

Check all the distances in the Official Site 

Portugal will have 2 tests this 2023 Lisbon and Portimão


The date chosen for its celebration has been May 6 and will have several distances.

Distance Swimming Cycling Race on foot
SHORTS 600m 22,5 km 5,4 km
MIDDLE 1,2 km 45 km 10,5 km
FULL 1,8 km 90 km 21 km

Registration for this test is open and the price will go up on March 3.

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TRITON Portimão

It will be held between October 28, 29 and 30, 2023 in the Algarve.

In this competition, a segment will be held every day (swimming, cycling and running) and the winner will be known by adding the times.

Distance Swimming Cycling Race on foot
SHORTS 1,5 km 30 km 9 km
MIDDLE 3 km 60 km 18 km
FULL 4,5 km 90 km 27 km

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