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Frederick Van Lierde and Nikki Bartlett win Club La Santa IRONMAN of Lanzarote. Emilio Aguayo 3º and Miquel Blanchart 6º

The Belgian triathlete has won the victory in the XXVIII edition of the IRONMAN Lanzarote

Today in Puerto del Carmen the XXVIII edition of the Club Santa IRONMAN Lanzarote with a big poster of favorites for victory. On the one hand Frederick Van Lierde, IRONMAN World Champion in 2012 and 5-time winner of IRONMAN France, Andreas Raelert, 43 years old and 3 times World IRONMAN runner-up (2010,2012 and 2015), who returned to compete in the test after a long time without doing so.

Other triathletes to keep in mind was Alexander Degasperi, winner in 2015 and 2018 and, Ivan Raña, second in 2018, Miquel Blanchart second in 2013 and 2014, Jaroslav Kovacic third in the LD World Championship from Pontevedra or Emilio Aguayo that debuted in the distance and that came from winning the Volcano triathlon.

Swimming out

The test began at 7 in the morning with the 3,8 km swim where the first to emerge from the water was Andreas Raelert, followed by Emilio Aguayo at 2 seconds. Frederick Van Lierde was third at 1:11 from the head of the race. At that point Iván Raña was 7th at 1:16 and Miquel Blanchart 9th at 3:23.

In the tough cycling segment, with 2.500 meters of positive elevation gain, Frederic Van Lierde gradually cut back to reach Raelert at km 50 of Carrear. Emilio Aguayo with a great sector remained in top5 positions with a 2-minute delay over the head of the race.

In passing through the Mirador del Rio, a trio was formed with Van Lierde, Raelert and Kovacic (who had caught up with them) passing 1:12 over Kramer and Emilio Aguayo fifth who was 3 minutes behind the head. At this point Blanchart passed 15th at 17:48 while Raña was 16th at 19:33.

Paso mirador de rio

In the last part of the test, Van Lierde went solo looking to reach the transition with the maximum possible difference, although in the end it was not possible for him to arrive practically together (Van Lierde, Kramer and Kovasic) at T2 in search of the decisive 42 km of running race, where any of the three opted with victory options, since they are very good runners. Emilio Aguayo It was fourth at 2:30 in the head. Degasperi, last year's winner was down 8th at 17:38. Miquel Blanchart the segment ended on the 13th at 24:43 pm Ivan Raña 15th at 25:58

The decisive foot race

In the 42 km four laps, we saw an exciting duel between these four riders, where the podium positions were going to be a priori since the fifth to start running was Anders Christesen more than 12 minutes away.

In the first kilometers of the race Kramer took the lead with a 20 'advantage over Van Lierde and Kovacic and 3:03 behind Emilio Aguayo, but close to the half marathon, the Belgian passed Kramer with a good rhythm and with desire of victory.

From that point, with an intense rhythm, Frederick Van Lierde he was increasing his advantage to finally get the victory in the IRONMAN Lanzarote 2019 with a time of 8: 51: 16. The second place for has been Christian Klamer arriving at 4: 51 minutes from Van Lierde.

In the fight for the third place we have seen a great Emilio Aguayo who with great regularity in the marathon managed to reach third place before going through the half marathon to finally finish third.

Miquel Blanchart With a great running race, he has finally traced 9 positions to finish in sixth position finishing the race in a time of 9:09:25 and a marathon of 2:46:59.

Ivan Raña second last year he retired from the test in the first part of the foot race.

Top 10 male:

1 Van Lierde, Frederik (BEL) 08: 51: 16
2 Kramer, Christian (GER) + 04: 52 08: 56: 08
3 Aguayo Muñoz, Emilio (ESP) +09: 39 09:00:55
4 Brammer Olesen, Morten (DEN) + 13: 56 09: 05: 12
5 Van Looy, Diego (BEL) + 16: 27 09: 07: 43
6 Blanchart Tintó, Miquel (ESP) +18: 09 09:09:25
7 Christensen, Anders (DEN) + 18: 50 09: 10: 06
8 Schmid, Stefan (GER) + 23: 39 09: 14: 55
9 Vistica, Andrej (CRO) + 24: 28 09: 15: 44
10 Degasperi, Alessandro (ITA) + 35: 00 09: 26: 16

Van Lierde's birthday present

Today, in addition to achieving victory in the test, he was able to celebrate his birthday and in the finish line they had a surprise in store for him

Nikki Bartlett sweeps the women's event

In the women's test the first one to get out of the water was Rachel McBride with 55 seconds ahead of Dede Griesbauer, 1: 19 over Maya Nielsen and 1: 25 over Emma Pallant.

In the first part of the cycling segment we saw a duel between Emma Pallant, Maja Nielsen, and Nikki Bartlett, passing each other to lead the race until Bartlett accelerated the pace and was distancing himself to go through the Mirador del Río with 1:47 advantage over Emma Pallant and 3:58 over Maja Nielsen.

Little by little he was increasing his advantage to reach T2 alone with an 8:11 advantage over Maja Nielsen and more than 17 minutes over Asa Lundstrom.

During the marathon, she managed to keep her advantage to achieve the final victory with a time of 09:59:10 followed by Maja Nelsen (10:03:41). The third classified was Lenny Ramsey (10:12:40)

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