The gyms prepare their return for the month of June

Measures are being proposed to implement to ensure security

In an article published by Palco23, have spoken with various managers of gym chains in Spain on the subject of a return to normality.

3 scenarios are handled for the return

The sports facilities managers manage three scenarios and the most realistic one contemplates returning in the second half of June.

While most chains want to open as soon as authorities allow, others point out that they would prefer to do so after the summer.

After more than a month of confinement, society yearns to return to normalcy and the sports industry is preparing to resume its activity.

The measures to be implemented in gyms

The following measures to be taken are presented in the Plan for the reconstruction and activation of Spanish sport

Access and operating protocols will have to be established in its facilities, which must include at least the following measures:

    1. Establish hygiene measures, control and disinfection in the accesses to the installation and rooms for its users.
    2. Establish cleaning protocols y permanent disinfection by the staff of the center of the rooms and machinery.
    3. Identify potential people with high risk potential and take the appropriate measures.
    4. Reduction in the number of users allowed per time slot in the Center and Rooms according to the social security distance.

Not all managers bet to open in June

There are many managers who claim to want to return to operate as soon as possible whenever the health authorities allow it, although some voices suggest that they would rather wait until September, once the fears of the contagion of the virus and the summer, a traditional time of decline in customers, have been left behind, according to the operators consulted by Palco23.

 "The most optimistic and less realistic scenario is to return once the alarm state is lifted,

In order to shorten deadlines and give guarantees to the Government and customers, the employers of the sector, Fneid, has elaborated a protocol to prepare the facilities for your return to the activity.

The text is on the table of the Superior Sports Council (CSD), and after its approval it will be raised to Health for further study.

At the moment, the entity chaired by Irene Lozano is working on the text that marks the restart of training in elite sport.

It will be the autonomous governments that direct the de-escalation

Once the alarm state is lifted, the autonomous governments will take the reins and will influence de-escalation.

"It makes sense that process is asymmetric in each region If the cases of contagion are disparate, but if they are similar, they should be the same, "explains Roberto Ramos de BeOne, who operates 35 centers throughout most of the country, must adapt the protocol to each region.

The facilities will reduce their capacity by 30%

 What seems clear is that the facilities will reduce their capacity by 30% to facilitate social distance.

 Can summer further reduce the return of gyms to activity?

The sector assumes that it is not the ideal time to do it, although some managers prefer to see the good side.

"It is likely that there will be fewer people in July and August, but it may be an opportunity for clients to feel safe, trained, with social distance, and to get used to this new normal in the face of the strong months of September and October," he says. Rafa Cecilio.

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