Gómez Noya wins the Triathlon Cidade de Ferrol

Twelve days after hanging the Olympic silver in London, Javier Gómez Noya returned this morning to his cradle, to the place where it all began. He returned to Caranza, the neighborhood where he started as a swimmer, to honor the Cidade de Ferrol Triathlon. He won it, as was taken for granted, and enjoyed the hundreds of spectators who came to the promenade to enjoy a test that brought together more than 300 athletes. He surpassed in 57 seconds the next one, the pontevedrés Pablo Dapena, and in three minutes and 53 seconds to the third, Brais Canosa, from Narón, who he waited for after crossing the finish line to take their picture together on the symbolic podium.


As soon as he crossed the finish line, dozens of fans surrounded Javier Gómez Noya with requests for autographs and photos. In Ferrol he received the affection of the people who make his successes their own. «I already wanted to run again in my city, because they always treated me super well. I can't do it very often because of the commitments I have. But this time, since I was going to come to the test, it was better to participate and get a good workout. For me it means joy and satisfaction », he explained.

Melina Alonso wins the women's event

Ferrolana Melina Alonso won the women's event, with Aida Valiño second and Camila Alonso third.


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