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Gomez Noya wins in Zurich

The Ferrolan triathlete training in Pontevedra Javi Gómez Noya conquered the C yesterdayampeonato of Europe in the modality of 5150 and gets the pass to the World Cup of that specialty.



On an Olympic distance, this test is characterized because in the bicycle section the different participants can not go to the wheel. In this way, this segment becomes much more important and the entire course of the test becomes harder.

In the day yesterday in Zurich, Gómez Noya came out in fourth position in the swimming segment in which Florin Salvisberg set the fastest time, but with a slight difference of five seconds over Noya. Behind, Sven Riederer, the great rival of Noya came six seconds after the Galician water.

In the forty kilometers of bicycle, which were made without being able to follow any wheel, Riederer surpassed Gómez Noya and faced the race on foot with about ten seconds ahead of the Ferrolan. Ruedi Wild got into the fight for the victory, thanks to a great partial on the two-wheeled vehicle.

In this way, Javier Gómez Noya faced the decisive section in a privileged position and soon took the head of the test. The Galician showed from the first strides that he had one more point than his rivals and left, with little opposition, until the victory and the title.

Sven Riederer confirmed his second place and Wild the third. Ritchie Nicholls was the second fastest on the stage on foot, second only to Noya, but he did not get the comeback to enter the podium and finished fourth.


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