Gómez Noya: «Pontevedra offers a perfect setting for triathlon»

The Spaniard Javier Gómez Noya pointed out that Pontevedra - the city that will host the European Triathlon Championship from June 2 to 6 - offers "a perfect setting" for the practice of this sport and pointed out that it is "very attractive" for triathletes because of the "Large audience presence."

"Pontevedra offers a perfect setting for triathlon with many people and an exuberant environment," said the Galician athlete. "It is a very attractive city for triathletes due to the large public presence, some twenty thousand or thirty thousand people," he said during the presentation in Madrid of the European Triathlon Championship that will take place in the Galician city from June 2 to 6 2011, within the framework of the tourist activities that the province will have this year.

Noya assures that "few times" he has seen "so much public" as in the city of Pontevedra. "It makes your hair stand on end that there are twenty thousand or thirty thousand people in the streets cheering," said the two-time world champion and European champion.


source: http://www.xornal.com

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