Sprint Gomez Noya challenges Brownlee in Lausanne on sprint mode

Everything changes in Lausanne so that everything remains the same in the triathlon elite. The World Championship welcomes today in Lausanne (11.50 hours) its penultimate test in a new format, under the sprint mode, with shorter distances; even if Alistair Brownlee, the favorite for the title in 2011, and Javier Gómez Noya, the defender of the throne of 2010, again monopolize all eyes. The Briton seems intractable in recent months, and the Ferrolano overcame a feverish process a few days ago that could serve him, involuntarily, to forget the competition.

Today's sprint event -which also puts into play the World Championship of this modality, which Brownlee won in 2010- is decided after 750 meters of swimming, 20 kilometers by bike and a last 5.000 on foot. «Javi has no problems in this modality. He usually competes at a good level in the French Grand Prix, over these distances ", explains the coach of Ferrol, Omar González, who clarifies:" In theory, this format is more explosive and can favor younger triathletes, or those who have too much weight in the Olympic distance, as is the case of the Russian Alexander Brukhankov (1,80 meters and 75 kilos) ».

The Lausanne event also opens its range of candidates "to triathletes who normally suffer in the water, since it is only 750 meters and hardly any cuts or differences will be established", adds Omar González, who recalls the attractiveness of this type of event , less than an hour long, for the television format.

In 69 kilos of weight

Gómez Noya arrived in Switzerland between chiaroscuro. In London he regained his good feelings, and only three great rivals beat him, without having suffered from the stomach and gastric problems that had recently diminished him. But he has just overcome a feverish process that altered his preparation last weekend. "He was almost four days without training," adds his coach. The triathlete himself commented that perhaps the break does not harm him, but quite the opposite.

His sensations before the break were optimal, and also the series of his training. If at the time of competitions around 70 or 71 kilos, Gómez Noya lost in the days before to 69. "He is in Kenyan plan, possibly thinner than ever," jokes his coach.

Source: lavozdegalicia.es

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