Gómez Noya gives a blow of authority in the World Series of Auckland

An impressive Javier Gómez Noya has been proclaimed this morning champion of the World Series of Auckland.



The reigning world champion opened the season in the same way that he finished it in London last year, with a splendid victory, after beating Jonathan Brownlee, after maintaining an intense duel with the Briton in the foot race. While Mario Mola y Fernando Alarza They also stood out and achieved the eighth and eleventh places in the final classification.


The Slovak Richard Varga was the first to do the two laps of swimming by the bay of Auckland, with Gómez Noya leaving to 5 seconds, Cesc Godoy to 7s, Mario Mola to 19 s, Fernando Alarza to 22 s, Vicente Hernández to 24 and Iván Raña to 29 s. Then came the cycling sector, consisting of eight laps in a very technical circuit that incorporated demanding climbs in its journey through the streets of New Zealand loclaidad.


The Galician was the great dominator of the test, taking a good part of the weight during the 40 km of the cyclist, in which he threw the head squad in his eagerness to increase the advantage with respect to his pursuers. While the rest of Spaniards, Mola, Alarza, Raña, Godoy and Vicente Hernández did the same in the second persecuting group; trying to scratch valuable seconds to overcome a disadvantage that was already around two minutes on arrival at the T2.


Once again, the 10 km of running on foot would be decisive to settle the winner. As in London last September, Noya and the youngest Brownlee returned to star in an authentic giants duel, with the two struggling to reach the top of the podium.


The wear of the cycling segment did not make a dent on a Gómez Noya who set the pace during this stretch, always one step ahead of the Yorkshire triathlete. Until they entered the last lap, and lacking just over 1.5 km, the Spaniard dared to launch an attack that left Brownlee with no response capacity.


Thus, the Ferrolan managed to stand out to complete the last meters of the course with a good income to proclaim himself champion of this first round of the ITU 2014 Triathlon World Series. To 20 seconds of Spanish, arrived Jonathan Brownlee signing the silver medal. While the Australian Aaron Royle the bronze medal was hung.


Behind, the Spaniards were climbing positions and after a great effort, a splendid Mario Mola entered the Top-10, qualifying in eighth place. As long as Fernando Alarza also stood out progressing and surpassing rivals in this last segment of the test, to conclude in a meritorious eleventh place. For his part, Ivan Raña achieved the 24ª place on his return to the ITU tests, Cesc Godoy got the 39ª position and Vicente Hernández was classified in 42º place.


Previously the women's event had been celebrated, with victory for the British Jodie Stimpson, followed by the German Anne Haug and the also British Helen Jenkins, silver and bronze respectively. The women's competition was marked by several mishaps in the cycling segment, with several triathletes involved in falls and losing positions.


Truck He returned to excel in the initial swim section, coming out in the lead and remaining in the top positions. However, shortly after the accidents damaged her and the triathlete of Banyoles was classified in 39º place.


In a rather unfortunate competition for the Spanish, Tamara Gómez he had to retire during the test.


Female classification

Male classification


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