Guadalupe Rodríguez and Miguel Ángel Garnacho winners of the ECODUMAD, Community of Madrid Championship of Duathlon Cros

Excellent weekend lived in San Agustín de Guadalix, Madrileña locality in charge of hosting the second edition of ECODUMAD, Championship of the Community of Madrid of Duathlon Cros.



The winner in the Men's category was Miguel Ángel Garnacho followed by Jose Vicente López y Carlos Muñoz. In the female category, he won Guadalupe Rodríguez followed by the Olympic triathlete Zuriñe Rodríguez and in third position Anna Jördens


At 09:00 the first of the appointments of an intense weekend of competition began. The first to start were the triathletes in the popular category, who competed on a 6 km circuit of running, 10 km of mountain biking to finish again with 3 km of running, not until 11:15 when the Championship of the Community of Madrid of Duathlon Cros began in the men's category (6-20-3)


As soon as the test began, the duathlete of CT Diablillos de Rivas Miguel Ángel Garnacho, who finally took first place on the podium, made the difference. Although the arrival at the first transition was very even between the duathlete of CT Diablillos de Rivas and Juan Salvador Cuellar of the Valdemoro Triathlon Club followed by Carlos Muñoz and José Vicente López of the NFOQUE Race Team, minutes later Juan Salvador had a fall in one of the technical descents of the route, which caused a broken clavicle and rib, thus separating him from the possibility of achieving one of the podium positions and at the same time offering one of the most emotional moments of this day when Enrique Cobos from Local club Enphorma Triathlon, another of the duathletes participating in the test, decided to leave the competition to be able to help his partner call the ambulance and transport his bike to the pit area, a great show of camaraderie once again revealed the values ​​that this sport transmits that go much more than the pure competition itself.


Finally Miguel Ángel Garnacho of the CT Diablillos de Rivas took the first place on the podium with a total time of 01: 18: 23, followed by Jose Vicente López y Carlos Muñoz both duatletas of the NFOQUE Race Team.


The 11: 17 was the chosen time to give the exit to the federated race in the female category. With a last minute surprise with the incorporation of Zuriñe Rodríguez, Olympic Triathlete in London 2012, in the list of exit, this appointment did not leave indifferent the spectators.


Side by side, the first to reach the first transition and two minutes ahead of their pursuers were Guadalupe Rodriguez of the club Enphorma Triathlon and Zuriñe Rodríguez.


The local duathlete, from mountain biking and experienced in this circuit, did not make it easy for Zuriñe, making it clear from the start of the test that she would be the one who would lead him to the end, achieving a 3-minute lead on his pursuer on the bike and finishing the competition in the race on foot, thus signing his clear victory in this test before a passionate local public.


Anna Jördens showed herself to be in an excellent state of form, the duathlete of the Morenito Bicycles club fought until the last meters of the goal to achieve second position on the podium, which Zuriñe Rodríguez knew how to defend, reaching the goal with 4 seconds ahead third place, finally leaving Anna Jördens third place on the podium.


According to statements made to the press by the winner “I am very proud of this result, for me it is a luxury to be able to compete with a triathlete of the stature of Zuriñe Rodríguez. I've only been in the Duathlon for a year since I come from cycling and this season I have managed to improve my running career considerably, and I think that this, together with the knowledge of the circuits and the possibility of training them at home has also helped me to achieve victory "


Zuriñe Rodríguez She was delighted with the organization of the test. “The truth is that I was not very clear where to start the season. I had heard very well about ECODUMAD, and I thought why not? My form is not the best at the moment, and because of its layout I thought it would be a good place to enjoy the competition after being practically stopped for a few months after the Olympic Games and that's how it has been, I have enjoyed the circuit and above all I have suffered, this makes me carry even better memories of this test. I have to congratulate Guadalupe, she has proven to be a great duathlete and it has been a pleasure to compete with her in ECODUMAD"


Duathlon Cros Team Time Trial

On Sunday the second day of duathlon was held in Madrid, with an increase of almost 70% in the number of teams registered compared to its first edition in the 2012, it has become clear the clear interest in this unique initiative in the world of organizing a time trial by teams in Duathlon Cros. The appointment started the 9: 30 in the morning being the first exits, and each 2 minutes, for popular categories and then continue with the federated exits. NFOQUE Race Team in male category and  CT Devils of Rivas they took victory in this disputed test.


During the awards ceremony of the Championship of the Community of Madrid of Duathlon Cros it was possible to count on the presence of Pablo Salazar, General Director of Sports of the Community of Madrid and of the Mayor of San Agustín de Guadalix, Juan Figueroa who were accompanied by Iñaki Arenal


In this way he concluded a weekend full of Duathlon, consolidating the test of ECODUMAD as a benchmark in the Community of Madrid in this sport discipline.


Orale Compadre, the main sponsor, makes the Ecodumad postmeta zone a unique space for athletes (music, Mexican food, Coronado beer ... .etc.) Where they can relax and recover. Ecodumad also counted as private sponsors with Generalli, Pear Izumi and Trek that allowed duathletes to compete with their bicycles and draw a bike worth of 1.000 that was delivered during the awards ceremony.


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