Triathlete Guide to compete with the measures of the Covid-19

FETRI has released a series of recommendations for triathletes.

La Spanish Federation of Triathlon (Fetri) wants to help triathletes in the competition lap from July 25 and 26, especially at the first stop, Almazán (Soria), with the celebration of the Cros National Triathlon Championships y Duathlon Cros.

Before the return of the evidence under the guarantees of health safety protocol established by Fetri, doubts may arise about its measures that will affect athletes.

With the aim of transferring as much information as possible, which will surely simplify the participation of athletes, Fetri will gradually facilitate both a Triathlete's Guidesuch as explanatory videos and other graphic resources for triathletes.

The goal is that the return to testing is simplified and athletes only have to worry about enjoying the competition.

Before the competition

In the first place, and before going to the competition, the recommendations for triathletes do not differ at all from those communicated days ago by the health authorities regarding the new normality.

Do not travel if you have symptoms

Therefore, all those who may have some compatible symptom with COVID-19 do not scroll and stay at home.

When sharing a vehicle when traveling

For the trip, in which it is possible to share a vehicle with family or teammates, the measures dictated by the Government should also be taken into account.

For example, in passenger cars and vehicles with up to 9 seats, including the driver, the occupants will wear a mask when not all live in the same address (

There will be no face-to-face events before the competition

Before the competition no face-to-face act is foreseen except the collection of bib numbers.

No press conferences ni face-to-face technical meeting, neither will there be tour familiarizationor, nor services of wardrobe, mechanic, physiotherapy ni showers o changing rooms.

However, a video conference meeting, whose schedule will be provided later and in which the doubts of technicians and athletes that may arise before the development of the championship will be resolved.

In the event that the interested party cannot connect, the video will be uploaded to the Fetri website to be accessible at any time.

Already in Almazán, the secretariat for the collection of bibs in La Arboleda park, next to the wooden pavilion, located in front of the car park and behind the heated pool.

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The mask will be mandatory

In this area of Delivery of numbers The use of a mask will be mandatory, if the athlete does not have his own, one will be provided in the access area.

Only the registered athlete may collect the bib number, You must prove your identity. The only exception will be the collection of all the bib numbers of a club by its coach, as long as it is previously requested.

In the collection, there will be an entrance access area and an exit area, so that safety distances are guaranteed.

In the event that you have to wait your turn, you should leave between one and a half and two meters away from the rest of the users.

Inside the envelope, with the bib number, each athlete will receive a disposable mask that must be carried for material control and that will not be removed until the end of the test, a reusable mask for daily use, hydro-alcoholic gel and a numbered bag for the transition.

There will be no cloakroom service

Before competing, it should be noted that there will be no cloakroom service. The athlete will receive a numbered bag, which can be left next to his bicycle in the transition area.

You cannot leave any other bag or backpack that is not inside the numbered bag.

There will also be no mechanical or physiotherapy service, locker rooms or showers, only toilets will be enabled, with reinforced cleaning, in the old sports center located next to the soccer field, those with the heated pool will also be enabled.

Material control

Access corridors will be established by numbers, in which the safety distance must be maintained. From this moment on, it is mandatory to wear the mask.

The temperature will be taken for all athletes

In addition to the usual material control, the temperature will be taken for all participating athletes and those who exceed 37,5ºC will not be allowed to participate. The chips will be delivered to athletes at the entrance of the transition, it will have been previously disinfected.

A first take will be made, and if this temperature is exceeded, two other confirmatory measurements will be made.

1,5 meters separation between bicycles in the pits

Athletes will be able to place their bicycles in the assigned space, which will have a meter and a half of separation from the rest of the participants.

Fifteen minutes before the established start time, all athletes must be in front of their bicycle, to start the start protocol.

The output in Rolling Start format

When the moment of truth arrives, the athletes will be taken according to the order established to the starting area. The transit will be done in single file and keeping the safety distance.

The outing will take place in 'Rolling Start' format, in outings of four people per time intervals. Therefore, four athletes will be located on the swimming ramp in the case of cros triathlon.

At that time, the triathletes will remove the masks and deposit them in the containers enabled for it. No mask can be thrown on the floor.

There will be no audience at the start

There will be no public in the starting area of ​​the swimming. With the starting horn, the time will come to enjoy again, without any distraction and with all possible guarantees.

Surely you have some doubts. Next, we help you solve them and, soon, we will continue the guide to explain new details to continue guaranteeing your safety when you reach the goal.

In addition, you have at your disposal an Information Distribution Channel on Telegram:

More frequently asked questions:

Will there be a face-to-face technical meeting?

No. A technical meeting will be held by videoconference in which the doubts of the technicians and athletes will be resolved. If you cannot connect at that time, the video will be uploaded to the Fetri website so that it is available at any time.

Do I need to have a mask?

No. Once the athlete arrives at the Almazán bib collection area, one will be provided. In addition, a mask will be delivered in the envelope of the bibs to each athlete that they must wear for material control and until the start of the competition. However, each person must adopt the corresponding security measures while traveling from their hometown to the venue of the competition.

When should I necessarily wear the mask?

First of all, to collect the bib it is necessary to wear a mask. Afterwards, it will be necessary to wear a mask from the access to the material control and it will be removed instantaneously before departure, only when you receive the pertinent instructions. Please note that you will be given a mask with the envelope on your bib.

Will there be a wardrobe? Mechanic? Physiotherapist? Changing rooms? Showers?


Will there be toilets?

Yes, in the old sports center, located next to the soccer field and the heated pool will also be enabled. The cleaning of the same ones will be reinforced.

Can I do material control without a mask?

No, it is mandatory to carry it. It cannot be withdrawn until the time of departure.

Where is the chip collected?

The chips will be delivered to athletes at the entrance of the transition, it will have been previously disinfected

When and where should I make the call camera?

Fifteen minutes before the scheduled departure time. You should be right in front of your bike.

When do I take off my mask?

Seconds before departure, there will be containers for disposal.

Where do I throw the mask?

In the containers that will be enabled in the departure area. It is totally forbidden to throw the masks in other places. Remember Fetri's commitment to sustainability.

Can I give the mask to a family member or friend?

No. Swimming is prohibited for the public.

Will there be an audience at the start of the swim?

No. There is a lot of space in the park for the public to enjoy the test and you must avoid crowds.

Will we all leave from the water or from the shore?

No. The start will take place from the swimming ramp in 'rolling start' format. That is, four by four and by time intervals.

How are the circuits?

They are available on the Fetri official website.

And when I reach the goal?

We summon you to the second part of this guide that we will publish shortly and in which we will continue to resolve any doubts that may arise.


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