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Gurutze Frades third in the Ibiza LD World Championship

Marjolaine Pierre sweeps the test and takes the championship

After the men's event where the French Clement mignon has achieved victory and Spanish Antonio Benito has been second came the turn of the women's test, where the winner has had no rival.

The first to come out of the water was Helene Alberdi with a 23-second advantage over Camila Pedersen and Marjolaine Pierre. 2 minutes later a group with Nogera, Ueda, Matthews and Derron came out.

In the cycling segment, the French Pierre launched a strong attack, leaving alone and gaining an advantage of 5:42 in the first lap over Matthews.

This difference achieved was worth it to reach T2 alone with a difference of 3:29 over Astle and 6:31 over Svensk.

At this point Alberdi was 6th at 15' and Frades 10th and Noguera 11th at 18'.

In the foot race Pierre increased his lead again going through the first lap with 6:32 ahead of Svensk and 10:35 ahead of Pedersen.

In the second round, Pierre continued to increase his lead to 7:31 over Svensk and Frades was already fourth, 2' behind Pedersen, who was third.

On the third lap, Pierre continued to increase his lead which passed at 8:23 and Gurutze reached third position 5 minutes behind Svensk.

Finally Marjolaine pierre he got the win with a time of 5:53:35. The second classified was Sara Svensk (6:02:10) and third the Spanish Gurutze Frades (6: 06: 48).

As for the Spanish Helene Alberdi was sixth and Anna Noguera eighth.

Comparative table of times of the first 3 classified

Segment Marjolaine pierre Sara Svensk Gurutze Frades
Swimming 00:41:39 00:45:58 00:46:01
1st transition 00:02:24 00:02:48 00:02:49
Cycling 03:09:01 03:10:48 03:22:07
2nd Transition 00:02:54 00:03:50 00:02:59
Career 01:57:40 01:58:48 01:52:54
Total time 05:53:35 06:02:10 06:06:48

Top 10 female

1 Marjolaine pierre FRA 05:53:35
2 Sara Svensk SWE 06:02:10 +00:08:35
3 Gurutze Frades Larralde ESP 06:06:48 +00:13:13
4 Camilla Pedersen THE 06:08:57 +00:15:23
5 Svenja Thoes GER 06:09:50 +00:16:15
6 Helene Alberdi Sololuze ESP 06:13:45 +00:20:11
7 Giorgia Priarone ITA 06:14:24 +00:20:49
8 Anna Noguera ESP 06:14:55 +00:21:20
9 Ai Ueda JPN 06:15:41 +00:22:06
10 Natia Van Heerden RSA 06:16:44 +00:23:09

There are no previous results.

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