Helene Alberdi and Cesc Godoy, with the goal in Mequinenza, penultimate round of the Spanish Cup MD and LD

The Spanish Champions of Long Distance Triathlon 2019, lead a large participation elite

Helene Alberdi y Cesc Godoy, Spain champions of 2019 Long Distance Triathlon in Salamanca, lead a large elite participation in the third edition of the Half Tritahlón Mequinenza, who will go next Saturday clear contenders for victory in the Spanish Cup of Triathlon MD and LD of the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

The Aragonese appointment will be the penultimate chance to score for the general cup after having already contested the tests of Seville, La Rioja, Guadalajara and the national championship LD in Salamanca.

The global calculation, after Mequinenza and the Spanish Middle Distance Championship in Ibiza on 27 in October, will take as reference the three best scores of the athletes. Alberdi and Godoy entered strongly in the ranking adding the best score in their first test, and will be measured in Aragón to other clear contenders who have already completed several previous competitions.

The updated ranking of the MD and LD Triathlon Cup of Spain can be consulted here: https://bit.ly/1z68SSp

Cristina Roselló, winner in La Rioja Triathlon and bronze in the Spanish LD Championship in Salamanca, leader of the Spanish Cup tied in points with Sonia Pariente, will be on the start line of Mequinenza. As well Alba Reguillo, runner-up of Spain LD and sixth in Guadalajara, in the absence of a result to enter the highest positions of the Cup ranking; Ana Revilla, that began to take positions with the same objective as second in La Rioja; Amelia Torrego, with a seventh place in the national of Salamanca; or Eva Ledesma, in a season of return to competition.

In the men's category will continue adding points the current third classified Cup, Jordi Pascual, present in the first three competitions in Seville, Guadalajara and La Rioja. Cesc Godoy, with all the options to aspire to the general after adding the maximum points in Salamanca and with two tests ahead, you will find yourself in Mequinenza with athletes with the same objective as Cristóbal Dios, winner in Guadalajara and third in Seville, recovered from the inconvenience that forced him to retire in La Rioja and prevented him from participating in the LD national championship in Salamanca; or Fran Perales, second in Guadalajara and sixth in La Rioja, currently in the top ten ranking.

Sergio Bolado, fifth in the Seville test; the champion of Spain Sub23 of Triathlon MD in Guadalajara 2018, Jordi Montraveta; or triathletes of the professional size of Carlos Aznar, they guarantee the show and a very open range for the highest scores of the Spanish Cup in Mequinenza.

The Aragonese Roberto Ruiz, sixth in the national championship of Salamanca this year and fourth in the Guadalajara Cup competition, or Fernando Zorrilla, winner of the pair triathlon in 2019, will also be among the contenders for the privileged positions in the standings.

Mequinenza will be the national attention center of the triathlon over the weekend with the dispute of the penultimate round of the Spanish Cup of Triathlon MD and LD, and the participation of clear aspirants to it.

The population of the province of Zaragoza takes the witness of great capitals such as Seville, Guadalajara, Logroño and Salamanca in the cupid calendar thanks to the careful organization in the two previous editions, and will show again the attractive possibilities of its environment for athletes, and of the beautiful landscapes of the regions of Bajo Cinca and Bajo Aragón, through which the race will run.

More information about the III Half Triatlón Mequinenza, here: https://www.triatlonmequinenza.com/

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