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Henry Schoeman beats the Brownlee and Flora Duffy takes the gold in the Commonwealth games

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Today the Commonwealth Games with the participation of great triathletes has been played in the Gold Coast (Australa), where the surprise has been that the Brownlee brothers were left out of the medals.

The victory of the test, which has been disputed sprint distance, it has been for Henry Schoeman who is positioning himself as a clear candidate to fight for the ITU World Title, followed by Jacob Birthwhistle and for the Scottish Marc Austin getting the silver medal.

In the race, a group break was made after swimming with the brothers Brownlee and Schoeman, but finally they sank in the race on foot and ran out of medal options, reaching Jonathan seventh and Alistair in tenth position.

The South African Schoeman completed the 5 km on foot race at 15:00 pm, obtaining the gold medal, but the great career that Birtwhistle did with the best partial on foot (14: 36) that was climbing positions and came second to only 7 seconds of Schoeman.

Results: Elite Men
1. Henri Schoeman RSARSA Flag 00:52:31
2. Jacob Birtwhistle AUSAUS Flag 00:52:38
3. Marc Austin GBRGBR Flag 00:52:44
4. Matthew Hauser AUSAUS Flag 00:52:46
5. Ryan Sissons NZLNZL Flag 00:52:49
6. Richard Murray RSARSA Flag 00:53:04
7. Jonathan Brownlee GBRGBR Flag 00:53:09
8. Luke Willian AUSAUS Flag 00:53:33
9. Matthew Sharpe CANCAN Flag 00:53:34
10. Alistair Brownlee GBRGBR Flag 00:53:37


FLora duffy wins the women's event

Flora Duff winning the Commonwealth

As for the female event, the winner has been Flora Duffy, which remains unrivaled, followed by Jessica Learmonth and by Joanna Brown in third final position

The Bermudens and Learmonth escaped in the cycling sector arriving together at T2 with about a minute on the chasing group, Flora, thanks to her great race sector, left in the first meters of the race alone to win clearly reaching solo goal with a time of 56:00 followed by Learmonth (57:33) closely followed by Brown (57:38) just 5 seconds.

Results: Elite Women
1. Flora Duffy BERBER Flag 00:56:50
2. Jessica Learmonth GBRGBR Flag 00:57:33
3. Joanna Brown CANCAN Flag 00:57:38
4. Vicky Holland GBRGBR Flag 00:57:42
5. Ashleigh Gentle AUSAUS Flag 00:58:08
6. Sophie Coldwell GBRGBR Flag 00:58:19
7. Nicole Van Der Kaay NZLNZL Flag 00:58:31
8. Non Stanford GBRGBR Flag 00:58:45
9. Gillian Backhouse AUSAUS Flag 00:58:54
10. Rebecca Spence NZLNZL Flag 00:59:12

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