ICAN Triathlon Gandía will have 3 distances in 2021

It was the only long-distance test held in 2020 and this year it will be the long-distance regional championship

El ICAN Gandía It will be played on Saturday, October 16 and will have 3 distances to choose. It will also host the Long distance regional championship

This test was the only LD test that could be held in 2020 and already has about 300 registered.

Limited to 1.000 participants in total

This year 2021, there will be limitations on the number of registrants and may have a maximum of 1.000 athletes between the 3 distances

Open enrollment

The registration process is now open on its website for the modalities Full and Half while the Short mode will also open later

The test will be governed by the Covid-19 protocols that the FETRI has designed in its action plan.

The distances

  • SINGLE FULL: 3,8 Km swimming + 180 Km cycling + 42 km walking race
  • HALF: 1,9 Km swimming + 90 Km cycling + 21 km walking race
  • SHORTS: 1,3 Km swimming + 30 Km cycling + 7 km walking race

The tour

The organization has published a map where you can check the routes of the 3 distances

Promotional video

 Further information: https://www.icantriathlon.com/

Training Item Finder

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