• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Ignacio González wins the Holter Premium European Cup in the Netherlands

Great triumph of the Andalusian Ignacio González achieving the victory in a premium test of the European Cup.

This morning in the Dutch town of Holter a new edition of the Premium European Cup one of the most important ETU tests for the large amount of cash prizes it hands out, 3.125 € to the winner and winner and 25.000 € in total.

The competition was disputed under sprint distance After a quick swim, the main favorites came out very stretched, with a few seconds apart. In the cycling segment there was a general regrouping, forming a group of more than 40 units. Midway through the sector, the Czech Jan Volar attacked, who reached T2 who reached T2 with a 15” lead.

Later the 5 km of running was going to be the decisive judge of the competition, in the first meters the Australian Luke Burns took the control breaking the race and remaining a group of 6 units that closed Ignacio González. In the km 1 Jan Volar was hunted at which moment Ignacio took the lead by increasing the pace, staying alone with the British Perham. Both opened a small gap with the trio pursuer, but could not escape. Around the km 3,5 was joined by the American Walt Schafer and the tees were going to play the victory.

In the absence of 400 meters Ignacio González He made a strong change of pace and left alone, taking the victory with a time of 55: 45. Second was Chistopher Perham who reached 1 "from Ignacio and third he at 3" Walter Schrfer.

Photo: Instragam Triathlon Holten

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