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They invent a bicycle camera that records cars that break the overtaking rules and notifies the police

This device was finalist in a technology contest in the United States

The HANDLD, is a system designed to install on bicycles and to record everyone who invades the "90 cm security zone"

It consists of a camera and sensors that is activated when the system detects that it is invading the cyclist's safety zone, which is set at 90 centimeters, since this is the measure installed in that country. In Spain, the safety distance is 1,5 meters.

According to microservices, in order to develop the HANDLD, thousands of accidents were analyzed where a bicycle was involved, being the most common incident when the car sticks too much to cyclists and then overtake without respecting the safety distance.

In case of abusive violation, cyclists have an automatic method that saves the GPS position, the date and time of the incident and the video / photos with the license plate so that the police can take action. With the app they have developed, you can review what happened and decide with a click whether to report the incident or not.

App captures

It would also allow the authorities to create a kind of map of "black spots" where this type of infractions are more common, for example to be able to take measures in this regard: plan separate bike lanes, expand the roads or put more vigilance if for some reason there is a concentration of incidents in certain areas.

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