IRONMAN changes the rules of the game

After what happened during the covid pandemic, where dozens of tests had to be postponed or suspended IRONMAN has decided to make a move.

In a statement that he has sent to the participants in some of his tests, with the subject “This simple action is going to change your triathlon trajectory today” has announced several measures that will make you sign up for their trials earlier.

What IRONMAN offers if you sign up in the first 90 days

If you sign up for a competition organized by IRONMAN in the first 90 days you will be able to obtain several facilities that are important for an athlete after everything that has happened in recent years.

The first point is free postponement in case you need to move the participation to the following year.

And another is the payment in installments through its registration platform,

Yes, this option is only reserved for those who sign up in the first 90 days of registrations.

This movement will make many triathletes sign up for the franchise tests shortly after registration opens, since in addition to benefiting from reduced prices, they will be able to request the postponement of the next edition.

The notice does not indicate that you can request the return of the registration, only the postponement to 1 year.

You can check their list of tests at

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