Canary Islands, epicenter of the world triathlon.

Javier Gómez Noya, Mario Mola and Fernando Alarza are training on the islands


On these winter dates many of the professional triathletes look to train in places far from the cold that there is in continental Europe, and the place chosen by the majority is the Canary Islands, where the climate is softer, you can train perfectly from short in the bike and running, and on the other hand, swimming in an outdoor pool.


One of the regulars who has been coming to Fuerteventura for several seasons is the five-time world champion Javier Gómez Noya and his coach Carlos Prieto, who stay in the Playitas complex. Along with them are other important triathletes of the national scope like Vicente Hernández, Tamara Gómez, Diego Paz, Ricardo Hernández and Melina Alonso.

This year, unfortunately, he can not be with them Pablo Dapena Convalescent of an operation (Many encouragement Pablo). Some of the most important Mexican triathletes such as Rodrigo González, Crisanto Grajales and Claudia Rivas also meet with Noya's group.

On the other hand, the group of Joel Filliol, Fuerteventura, are also concentrated Mario Mola y Carolina Routier along with other triathletes like Tommy Zaferes, Richard Murray, Emma Jackson or Katie Zaferes. Playitas also has the presence of IM world champion in 2014 Sebastian Kienle. In another area of ​​the island, he has been concentrated for two weeks Marcel Zamora, specifically in Oasis Fuerteventura.

Mario Mola concentrated in Fuerteventura

In Gran Canaria is the group of Brett Sutton, where the IM world champion stands out Daniela Ryf and Olympic champion Nicola Spirig


Finally, highlight in "La Isla" triathlon, Lanzarote, in the complex of Sands Beach you can find the triathletes directed by Omar González: Fernando Alarza, Antonio Serrat, Luismi Velasquez, Camila Alonso, Maria Ortega y Joselyn Brea, who has joined them Gustavo Rodriguez

Fernando Alarza concentrated in Lanzarote

On the other hand they are also Ainhoa ​​Murua y Victor del Corral. Also in Sands Beach the professional team Uplace-BMC, and some of the Pewag as Marino Vanhoenacker.

In the Club Santa have been these days Michelle Vesterby y Alessando Degasperti. There are also Jonathan Ciavettella and Henrik Hyldelund.

In the coming weeks they will join Timo Brach y Saleta Castro, the Galician at the orders of his coach Luc Van Lierde

Photo: Facebook Gómez Noya / Mario Mola / Fernando Alarza

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