Iván Álvarez and José Almagro prevail in the second edition of Pure Triathlon

In women, Darrelle Parker Victoria wins in "226" and Aintzane Argaiz dominates in 113.


The second edition of Pure Triathlon and confirmed the excellent level of Spanish triathlon. Iván Álvarez and José Almagro were the names of a day marked by climatology.


Update via Valencian Community Triathlon Federation:

"The second edition of the Pure Triathlon Marina D'Or had a rocky start that was overcome by the understanding and patience of athletes and the public gathered in the vicinity of this tourist complex. Indeed, the demand for volunteers by the Civil Guard of Traffic in a part of the cycling route (where there were other types of control elements provided by the organization), caused the delay in the departure of about two hours. 

Having arrived at this situation and to avoid greater evils, the organization proposed cutting part of the bicycle path in order to prevent a large part of the registered participants from getting out of control.

This circumstance, together with other incidents of a technical and organizational nature, will be specially reviewed by the federative leaders in order to avoid their repetition in the future and the obvious damages that this causes to the entire triathlon group, triathletes, collaborators, sponsors and institutions.. "


Alvarez, in the long distance test, finished his best year with a new victory and, incidentally, he removed the spine last year, when he was second behind the Portuguese Jose Estrangeiro. Almagro, meanwhile, confirmed that he is the master and master of the 'Half' of Pure Marina d 'Or to achieve his second victory in the race, followed again by thousands of fans.

The rain that fell throughout the night and in the late afternoon conditioned the test, especially in the descent from the port of Cabanes. In the reigning distance, Álvarez went from less to more. The first sector was dominated with authority by the British Matthew Lemman, followed by John Galindo. The hand in hand between the two triathletes was maintained in the cycling sector, which Álvarez finished in fifth place. It was in the running race in which the Trisport Sierra de Madrid triathlete exhibited himself and gave a recital, stopping the clock at 07:59:23. Second place, almost six minutes away, went to Moisés Vidal, from the 200 Triathlon Club, while Jhon Galindo, from the Tribm, entered third place, almost nine minutes behind the winner.

"I was very excited to win this event because it is a competition that I consider mine," said the Spaniard, who praised the organization of Pure after a victory that puts the finishing touches to the season.

In women the final victory was for the British Darrelle Parker, who stopped the clock with a time of 10: 15: 3, followed by Jessica Muñoz

Test Medium distance

In the medium distance test the forecasts were fulfilled and the Madrid-born José Almagro achieved the victory with enormous authority over the rest of his rivals. Almagro, as usual, sentenced the test in the cycling sector, where he achieved a comfortable income that he knew how to maintain and expand in the running race. The 3Style Triathlon from Madrid completed the test with a time of 04:35:31, followed by independent triathlete Imanol Sagarzazu, five and a half minutes away, and Alberto Codinach, from Tri Manía CS, 8 minutes and 10 seconds behind the winner. .

"Pure is a very special race for me, I was already fed up this year with second places," said the Spaniard, who acknowledged that he does not like the end of the season, as he reaches the final stage in excellent form.

Aintzane Argaiz, from CC Vibike, was the winner in women with a 05 time: 10: 41. The Basque triathlete always dominated the race, although closely followed at all times by Esther Leal, from Ecosport Alcobendas, second at the end to four minutes and one second from the winner. The third position went to Gema Hernández, who led the test in the aquatic sector, with an 05 brand: 25: 01.

Olympic Distance Test

In the Olympic distance, the victory went to Óscar Martínez, from CN Tarraco, who went from less to more in the race. Martinez was not among the first in the aquatic sector, to go climbing positions in cycling and make the final leap to the leadership in the race on foot. The triathlete of Tarraco crossed the finish line with a time of 02: 36: 35, followed by Adrián Rodríguez, from Energía Helios, at 27 seconds, and from Germán Alcalá, from Vialterra Algemesí, more than a minute and a half.

In women, Sonia López, from the Clavería Móstoles Triathlon, gave no options to her rivals and won with indisputable authority. The Madrilenian stopped the clock at 02:51:57, six and a half minutes less than María Martínez, from Picornell, and ten less than the independent triathlete Diana López.

All the tests have counted on the refreshment of the company 226ERS, main sponsor of a competition in which 800 triathletes took part. Pure Triathlon starts from today the countdown for a new edition in 2017. 


Website: www.puretriathlon.net 

Source: puretriathlon 

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