Iván Álvarez and Pilar Arias win Ecotrimad 2021

Yesterday one of the national reference tests of the distance test was held, the Ecotrimad.

This 2021, the test will be held again in the year that celebrates its 10º anniversary in a weekend where 4 competitions are disputed.

Yesterday the queen test of the middle distance was deposited where the victory went to Iván Álvarez y Pilar Arias

In the male category, Iván Álvarez got the victory in a time of 3: 59: 49 followed by Edgar Epifanio Delgado (4: 09: 18) and for Alvaro Franco (4: 09: 53)

In the women's event Pilar Arias was the best with a finish time of 4:25:06 followed by Maria Florence (4: 45: 48) and for Eva Valero (5: 10: 36) occupying the third final position

In addition, the Olympic test was played without Drafting

Today Sunday the sprint and the Championship are disputed

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