Ivan Rana for all in the Challenge Roth

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More than from 3.500 triathletes and 200 relay teams from over 70 countries will participate in one of the most important triathlon world events: Challenge Roth in Germany, the next 1 in July.

 Datev Challenge Roth arrives at its 35ª edition with a luxury poster, both in male and female category. Recall that Roth is the fastest Ironman distance test in the world, where they have achieved the best brands in both men and women. Jan Frodeno stopped the clock in 7: 35: 39 in the 2017 edition, and in 2010 Chrissie Wellington it did it in 8: 18: 13.

In the men's category, probably as usual, you will have to lose 8 hours to take the victory. Not in vain in the last 10 editions the winner has been sub8 in nine of them. The German Sebastian Kienle he is the top favorite for victory and to get his sixth sub8. He is currently the only triathlete who has broken the 8 hours barrier five times. Your compatriot, Andreas Dreitz, he is also an aspiring triumph, as well as the South African James Cunnama The British Joe Captain and American Jesse Thomas They also aspire to fight with the best. The only Spanish PRO representative in the test will be Ivan Frog, who was second in the Ironman of Lanzarote and, as in all races that compete, aspires to everything.

In the female category a sub9 is expected to achieve victory, as it has already happened in the eleven previous editions. The British Lucy Charles is the main favorite, along with his compatriot Laura Siddall, the Finnish Kasais Sali and the Dutch Yvonne with your van or Vlerken (14 times sub 9, the woman who has achieved the most times), several times winner in Roth.

The test has the presence of more than Spanish 100.

DATEV Challenge Roth starts at the 6.30 and the first to reach the finish line will do it on the 2 in the afternoon. The competition ends with a spectacular fireworks display at the Roth stadium at 11 pm

There are no previous results.

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