Vitoria and Challenge together?

The celebration of the Long Distance World Championship on July 29 could become the starting signal for Vitoria to permanently host an elite triathlon in the following years.
The organizers of the World Cup have already established the first contacts with the City Council and with the owners of the Challenge Family franchise -the most prestigious in long-distance races together with the Ironman- to know the disposition and conditions of both and to specify the idea .
The initiative has arisen naturally due to the confluence of several factors. The most important has to do with Vitoria's own conditions, ideal for practicing this sport, closely linked to the environment and nature since its inception.
 The capital of Alava does not need to invest a euro in infrastructure to host a high-quality triathlon. Secondly, the experience acquired in recent years with the celebration in the capital of Alava of the European, the National and, this year, the World Cup. This will be the final touchstone for the organization, already accustomed, on the other hand, to staging events of a certain magnitude with the Martín Fiz Marathon, among others. Likewise, the fact of having Eneko Llanos, one of the best specialists in the world, also helps the project of selling the Alava candidacy.
Thousand enrolled
The Challenge franchise has races spread all over the world. In Europe they are disputed in Germany, Denmark and France and in Spain, one in the Catalan Maresme. They are races that can bring together more than a thousand unbelievers and a smaller elite of professionals who sign up for the important cash prizes they distribute. Despite moving a similar volume of competitors, the cost of your organization is less than a World Cup.
The organizers of Vitoria know that a crucial aspect to carry out this championship in 2013 consists in bringing together private sponsors that pay a large part of the budget. That is the slogan that they have received in a meeting with the City Council, which also intends to involve the Provincial Council in its institutional support.
They already have the initial backing of the Challenge franchise, as well as that of the federative entities. The president of the Spanish, José Hidalgo, has already publicly stated that achieving the Vitorian headquarters for this circuit constitutes an objective shared by the body he presides.

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