The Jaca-Candanchú Winter Triathlon will not be held at 2014

The organization of the event has confirmed that the test will not be held in 2014.


The triathlon section of Mayencos Pyrenean Club, has announced on its website that it will not celebrate this winter triathlon, largely due to the difficulty of guaranteeing nearly a hundred volunteers needed to take the test forward.



As published by the organization on its website:


After the disappearance in 2000 of the White Triathlon "Valle del Aragón", That was going for its fourteenth edition, Mayencos organizes 12 years after the first Winter Triathlon Jaca-Candanchú, test that recovers the format of what had been one of the classics of white triathlon. The competition, which would be Spain 2012 Winter Triathlon Championship, it turned out a success.


In 2o13 the organization of the test is again undertaken, which was scheduled for February. The season is exceptional in terms of the amount of snow, something that paradoxically turns against some organizers, who have to postpone your competition for excessive snow.


This is the case of the Jaca test. The Candanchú Military Detachment is collapsed by snow and it is impossible to install the second transition, which is why it is postponed. If the triathlon had been held, the Civil Guard would not have authorized the cycling segment: with the Astún highway cut by the avalanches, Candanchú, with a lot of snow in the gutters that limits the available space considerably, can not bear all the traffic and suffers a circulatory chaos.


The next weekends between the end of February and the month of March are not free. Along with the events scheduled in the calendar by the FATRI (Aragonese Triathlon Federation), there is a coincidence with the rest of the Circuit events, the Winter Triathlon "Valle de Ansó" (which also had to be postponed to March) and the Winter Triathlon “Valle de Roncal”, which would require holding two tests on two consecutive weekends, three in a month. For this reason, the most advisable option seems to postpone until April.


Given that on those dates most triathletes change to other modalities, and there is doubt about the state in which the cross-country ski circuit can be found, it is decided to change the format and carry out the third segment in cross-country skiing, with a view to also attract mountain athletes. In order not to interfere with the operation of the Candanchú Station, the first weekend after closing is chosen. However, a few days later the celebration of the Trineu Gore-Tex Valley of Benasque-Cerler, that as in the first edition, also chooses the date after the closing of the Cerler Station.


Finally it is decided definitively suspend the test.


Although all this supposes an important wear for the organization, are others the reasons to decide not to take ahead the second edition of the triathlon. The main one is the difficulty in guaranteeing almost a hundred volunteers that require organizing a competition of this magnitude.


So unfortunately we have to confirm that in 2014 there will be no Winter Triathlon Jaca-Candanchú.

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