Javier Andrés Yolanda Mir and Enrique Joaquín Sangüesa are awarded the 2011 edition of Pinedo Triathlon by K-Swiss

The Valencian event, which brought together 650 athletes of all ages, canceled the second swim outing and was converted into a duathlon due to strong sea currents.

500 adults and 150 children gathered at the Valencian beach of L'arbre del gos to be part of the 2011 edition of the Pinedo Triathlon by K-Swiss. After living several unpleasant days, meteorologically speaking, Pinedo woke up with a sunny morning. However, the poor state of the sea, with strong currents, led the event's safety manager, the federation technical delegate and the event director to cancel the swimming segment after the first outing to ensure the safety of the riders. triathletes.

Photos: José Luis Hourcade

Once this decision had been made, and in record time, the Trisense Sport organizing team, together with the team of judges and officials of the Valencian Triathlon Federation, reconverted the route of the test so that the athletes (221 participants who did not take the first outing plus the retirees) could compete in a sprint distance duathlon.

Trisense Sport, which supported the decision 100%, stressed “the trust that the athlete leaves in the hands of the organization when it is decided to start. The safety of the participants and the care of the triathlete are essential for us and both factors are fundamental to make decisions related to the tests we manage ”.

Pinedo Triathlon by K-Swiss had Javier Andrés (Polytechnic University of Valencia) as winners, ahead of Emilio Aguayo (CN Los Silos) and Eduardo Martín (Polytechnic University of Valencia) in triathlon. In the Duatlon modality, the sellers were Yolanda Mir (SD Correcaminos), followed by Luisa Guillen (3XVLC) and Marta Gimeno (CTH Picassent) and Enrique Joaquín Sangüesa (Triesport Roquette) Juan de Dios Segarra (SD Correcaminos) and Nacho Serrano (Suheca. com).


Despite the unforeseen events, the charity school duathlon was held in all categories and was close to the scheduled time. The entire collection of the inscriptions of this test is destined to make the wishes of children with chronic diseases or poor prognosis come true through the Little Wish Foundation.


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