Javier Gómez Noya Spanish Medium Distance Champion in Bilbao

Javier Gómez Noya has had no rival

Today has been deputy in Bilbao, the Spanish Trialton Middle Distance Championship with a luxury poster, since it has had the presence of some of the best national triathletes in the modality.

The favorite for victory Javier Gómez Noya has fulfilled the forecasts and has risen to the top of the podium

The test, with all the security measures for the Covid-19, has had an emotional minute of silence before the start for the death of triathlete Diego Paredes this week.

The triathletes have started every 3 seconds, so the position at the finish line was not the reference, but the final time

The test was shielded to the public in the finish area and consisted of 1.900 meters of swimming in the Ría de Bilbao, 82,5 km of cycling with the climb to Morga peak and 21km of running divided into 3 laps of 7 km each.

Noya without rival

Regarding the competition, the first to get out of the water and take the bike were Guillem Rojas and Javier Gómez Noya.

In the 82,5-kilometer cycling segment with strong wind, Noya imposed his quality by leaving alone and passing in the lead before making the ascent to the Morga peak, a 7-kilometer pass with 9% ramps.

The Galician was the first to reach T2 with 4 minutes ahead of Colin Chartier and Gustavo Rodriguez.

The North American who did a bad swim where he was 76th and has been climbing positions until he reached the podium positions when he reached T2.

In the race on foot, Noya on the first lap running at an average of 3:06 already led Chartier in 6:20, ensuring the victory.

Finally, Javier Gómez Noya he got the victory and the national title with a time of 3:37:25. The second in the test has been the North American   Collin Chartier (3:42; 49) followed by James michel teagle (3: 45: 31) in third position

In the fight for the medals in the Championship, a nice duel between Gustavo Rodríguez and Albert Moreno could be seen.

Finally, Gustavo Rodriguez (3:46:33) has been fourth and Albert Moreno (3:46:54) fifth, getting the silver and bronze medals of the championship.


Javier Gómez Noya Spanish Middle Distance Champion in Bilbao ,img_5f7036c9ce523
Men's classification spain middle distance championship 2020

Laura Gómez Champion of Spain. Anneke Jenkins takes the win

In the women's event, the first to get out of the water were Anneke Jenkins and Judith Corachán

The cycling segment was very close and Anneke was the first to reach T2 followed by Laura Gómez and Judith at 11 seconds.

In the first kilometers of the foot race Jenkis was in the lead, but closely followed by Gómez and Corachán. At that point Gurutze Frades passed in fifth position

In the passage through the first lap, Jenkins led Gómez by 10 seconds while Judith Corachán was already 2:26 from the head of the race.

Finally the New Zealand Anneke Jenkis he achieved victory in the test with a time of 4:10:49, which was his debut in the distance.

Javier Gómez Noya Spanish Middle Distance Champion in Bilbao, image001-1
Youtube / Anneke enkins winning the Bilabo Triathlon

 Laura Gomez (4:15:45) has been second and gets the national title. national  Judith Corachán (4:18:02) has been third and runner-up in Spain.

Fourth classified has been Gurutze Frades thus getting third place in the Spanish championship.


Javier Gómez Noya Spanish Middle Distance Champion in Bilbao ,img_5f7036b4c43c2
Women's classification spain middle distance championship 2020

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