Javier Gómez Noya: «Brownlee is today above the rest, but I will go out and give everything»

In the city where Javier Gómez Noya (Basel, 1983) lives, trains and studies, the European Triathlon Championship is played on Saturday.

The Ferrolano aspires in Pontevedra to his third title. These days he takes advantage of his free time to disconnect with the biography of Keith Richards, the guitarist of the Rolling Stones - "he is quite a character, and his life, very interesting" -.

His environment speaks of excellent feelings before the reissue of his duel with Alistair Brownlee, although he appeals to prudence. The current world champion, as planned, rested last weekend and did not compete in Kitzbühel. “You can rule out a test of the world series, and that was the ideal, due to its proximity to the European. I won in Sydney and in Madrid I was third; They are two good results and the sensible thing was not to go to be better in Pontevedra ».

-He has the experience of the European Cups in Pontevedra. Is it very different to compete at home?

-They were lower level races, and this is going to be really tough. The best in Europe today are the best in the world too. I know the circuit and the environment. The race will be different.

-But do you have to compete at home?

-Being at home is positive, and not in a hotel, traveling, recognizing the circuit ... Here you know everything and it is more comfortable. You also have the support of the public, which is great. Greater expectation is generated and you assume more commitments. Everything has positive and negative things. I am happy because it is good for the city and the triathlon in Galicia. And within what is possible I am going to enjoy it. As for the environment in the race, I go out psyched to always give 100%. But if you suffer and you have so much public cheering for you, that here helps you.

-Is the circuit going well?

-The cycling sector is not very complicated on a technical level. In the race on foot, it changes little, and there is a section that goes in the opposite direction, with an ascent towards A Peregrina that involves a certain slope and can take its toll. I think it will be a fast race. The circuit itself is not demanding, but it will depend on the pace at which we go. It offers places where there may be movement.

-The title belongs to Gómez Noya and Alistair Brownlee. Or do I write some more name?

-There are more people. I think Alistair is the best triathlete in the world and the top favorite. This is how he is showing it. And his brother Jonathan is going to be fine. Then there are other people who can join depending on how the race goes, the French, the Russians, the Portuguese João Silva ...

"Are you saying the Brownlee thing out of elegance or conviction?"

-Of course it is the favorite. A must see in the last races. He was at a level that no one else was in this sport. His in Austria was tremendous: he came out of the water first, when he got bored in a group he escaped by bike and then completed the best partial on foot. In Madrid he had an incredible race running at a very high level. It is logical to think that it is the favorite. There's others. Brownlee is a point above the rest today, but I will go out to give it my all.

-In Madrid he clearly surpassed it. Do you arrive better than then?

-I feel better from workouts and sensations. It is an objective fact for the times of the series. I have worked all the best I could. I'm fast, in good shape, better than in Madrid, but I have to show it in the race.

- They prepared the test as a data bank for London 2012, as a general test.

-Yes. The planning was set to get to Pontevedra very well. We store data of everything, times, breaks, sensations. Depending on how it goes, we can vary details for preparation for London, where the title will also be discussed in a single day. Although in 2012 everything will revolve around that.

-Pontevedra and Galicia in general gain experience in triathlon events. The international federation chooses large cities to host the World Championship. Do you think it is unreasonable for anyone to come here in the future?

-The international federation look for big cities, and that's fine. But when you have places like Pontevedra, where triathlon moves this many people, and stands out at the organizational level, you can change. If there is economic availability and the federation can, this city has plenty of capacity to host the world series. Pontevedra is special, and gathers more public than most of the World Cup events. Only Hamburg surpasses it. I'm not saying it, I live here. All the triathletes say it, who are amazed by the atmosphere despite being a small city.

"I'm in good shape, better than in Madrid, but I have to show it in the race"

"Pontevedra is special, and gathers more public than most of the World Cup events"

Source: www.lavozdegalicia.es

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