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Javier Gómez Noya Oro in the 1500 and my silver in 800 in the Galician Swimming Championship

The triathlete Javier Gómez Noya was a luxury reinforcement for Ferrol Elinco Swimming in the absolute Galician swimming championships that were held last weekend at the Rías do Sur pool in Pontevedra.

The man from Ferrol, who is preparing for the London Olympic Games in Pontevedra, competed for the Ferrol club in the 800 and 1.500 meter events. He was not bad at all, since he won a silver medal in the first of these tests and a gold medal in the second. Not bad at all for the triathlete, who remains one of the best long-distance swimmers in Galicia.

Participating in this test not only allowed him to lend a hand to his club, but also served as an opportunity to test his fitness for the next games, in which the Ferrol native will fight for medals.




Source: lavozdegalicia.es

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