Josef Ajram leaves La Gomera on his second attempt to complete the Red Bull 7 Islands

Josef Ajram leaves La Gomera on his second attempt to complete the Red Bull 7 Islands


The last 14 of October Josef Arjam took up the challenge Red Bull 7 Islands, where I would have to complete 7 consecutive Ironman distance triathlons. Josef I already tried in 2012 and had to retire, has not been able to get it either on this occasion.



I have been preparing for more than a year. I have dedicated myself body and soul to this challenge by training a weekly average of more than 23 hours. Physically I was and I feel good but I have not been able to enjoy the test at any time.


As we read on the official Josef challenge page: "When the head fails, it is difficult to react to the body"This time it was not the heat, nor the orography, nor the physicist that has led him to Josef Ajram to abandon this challenge. Anxiety and "the fear of failing again"They have been able with the athlete to have passed the 120 kilometers of the bicycle in La Gomera has decided to put an end to this adventure.


After having managed to finish the first challenge, completing an ironman on the island of El Hierro, Josef yesterday took the plane to the 8 in the morning to travel from El Hierro a La Gomera. After completing the 3,6 km of swimming, Joseph I took the bicycle to enter the westernmost island of the archipelago. After more than four hours of pedaling, he has decided to get off and stop. "I had anxiety and it was difficult for me to breathe. The doctor said that everything was fine but the reality was that from the 20 kilometer it was very uncomfortable."In 2012, Ajram had to leave in the 20 kilometer of the bicycle due to a heat stroke.


Not having achieved it last year has weighed more than I would have imagined. I have had an avalanche of negative thoughts and I have been all the time afraid of something happening.



Joseph He has combined training with his day trader job this past year, something that has led him to adjust his schedule to the fullest in order to fulfill all his commitments and arrive ready Red Bull 7 Islands, a very complicated challenge, not because of the distances, but because of the orography of the islands and the logistics involved in transfers.



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