Josef Ajram adds another ironman to the Epic 5

The island of Molokai was the scene of the third ironman of Epic 5, a challenge created by Jason Lester -also a participant in it-, which consists of completing 5 ironman events on 5 consecutive days and on 5 Hawaiian islands “without numbers or bibs; In this test there is no classification, it is enough to reach the end”, explained Lester just before starting this year's edition.

Josef found “this third stage very hard, but in the end I finished in 11 hours and 50 minutes”. Fatigue and physical and mental exhaustion are accumulating, but the Spaniard continues to be strong and confident.

With no rain now but with a humidity that reached 65%, the ultra-distance runners had to run by bicycle for 45 km with a headwind at more than 64 kilometers per hour, data to which must be added the 2.600 meters of unevenness accumulated in the bike. “It has been very hard but I am very happy to have finished in the time that I did it”.

Regarding the rest of the tests of this third day, Josef declared: “The swimming was very fast with a current in favor, and the marathon was correct; Now I'm already thinking about tomorrow's stage”.

The five participants are demonstrating an admirable behavior, smiling and in a good mood from the beginning of the day despite the few hours of sleep, and always ready to help each other throughout each stage.

The next ironman of this unprecedentedly tough sporting challenge will take place today on the island of Maui, followed by the last one on the Big Island.

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