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Josemi Pérez will participate in the Triathlon Festival of Ribadesella

The Olympic triathlete Josemi Pérez has confirmed his presence in the Triathlon Festival mid-distance test next September 6.

Josemi who recently won in the Half Triathlon of Seville, In his debut at medium distance, he starts as a favorite to win this test. From Triathlon News we wanted to do an interview:

How did the idea of ​​competing in Triathlon Festival arise?

Through one of my MMR sponsors, who are from there in Asturias, they told me about the possibility of competing, so I didn't think twice and there we will go.

Have you ever competed in Asturias before?

I competed in Gijón a year ago, but in medium distance Ironman will be the first time I compete.

What attracts you to this event?

Asturias is a natural paradise, and being able to run through those places make this event, not only a sporting attraction, but also a tourist and natural one, so while we go by bike, we will have to observe those incomparable places.

What do you think it offers as a differential to other tests and what would you say to people to encourage them to participate?

From a family treatment by the organization, through the multitude of distances that can be made and ending with the natural beauty of the area, let's say it will be a triathlon for everyone, since all triathletes will have a distance in the to enjoy in this triathlon !!!!!!!

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