South American Playa Manta 2011 Games: Argentina and Ecuador won Gold in Triathlon

Argentina won two gold medals, achieving the title of champion while Ecuador achieved its gold medal and the title of runner-up, at the end of the strenuous test of the Triathlon, held on the Malecón de Manta with a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius.

The relay triathlon, a modality that debuted at the American level, in Manta, Ecuador, since the previous one was fulfilled in Singapore, in this same year, required great preparation.

The 32 participants covered 250 meters of swimming, a lap of the imposing Pacific Ocean; 6.000 meters in cycling, 3 laps and 1.600 meters in athletics, 2 laps.

Argentina started Romina Biagioli, who gave the post to Gonzalo Telechea, who passed the responsibility to Rayen Asselborn, leaving the last place for Luciano Taccone, who closed the performance imposing a time of 1.17.03, gold for teams.

Ecuador, for the silver medal, started the Elizabeth Bravo competition, Luigi Landivar, Cristina Fares continued and Juan Andrade finished, with a time of 1.17.56 and getting silver for teams.

In third place Venezuela, starting the race Leandro López, the second relay Rosemary López who handed over responsibility to Carlos Pérez, closing the performance with 1.18.12., A bronze medal.

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