Justus Nieschlag and Heather Wurtele win the Peguera Challenge Mallorca 2017

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The test breaks records with more than 1.500 participants in the different races of the race, with the podium of the Spanish Iñaki Baldellou and the seventh place of Sara Loërh

A spectacular climate with a radiant sun and a calm bay of Peguera received the 1.000 participants in the main test of Challenge Penetration 2017, the middle distance triathlon.  

In the male category, German Justus Nieschlag He gave a master class in triathlon, with a perfect race in which he dominated all segments with a wide advantage. The Austrian finished the podium Thomas Steger (2ª position) and Spanish Iñaki Baldellou (3º).

Justus came out of the water in only 23m: 16s, completed the bike circuit also solo with a time of 2 hours 9 minutes and 14 seconds, to finish with a half marathon in 1 hour 16 minutes and 14 seconds. Total time in goal it was from 3: 50: 56. The second and third place of the podium was changing hands until the run segment, where the Austrian Thomas Steger with a time of 1: 14: 05 came back to the second position, and the Catalan Iñaki Baldellou with a time of 1: 15 : 31 managed to complete the podium. Justus Nieschlag (GER): 03: 50: 56: Thomas Steger (AT): 03: 56: 02 Iñaki Baldellou (ESP): 03: 57: 31

Male classification

  1 Justus NIESCHLAG 3:50:56
  2 Thomas STEGER 3:56:02
  3 Iñaki BALDELLOU 3:57:31
  4 Patrick DIRKSMEIER 3:57:51
  5 Pieter HEEMERYCK 3:58:23
  6 Thomas STRANGE 4:00:31
  7 Margirier MATHIS 4:01:25
  8 George GOODWIN 4:01:49
  9 Roman DEISENHOFER 4:03:10
  10 Marco AKERSHOEK 4:06:01


Heather Wurtele won smiling, Sara Loërh seventh

Heather Wurtele winner Challenge Peguera Mallorca

In the female category, Heather Wurtele won the Challenge Peguera Mallorca. After a swim dominated by the German Anja Knapp, the Spanish Marta Sánchez and the British Fenella Langridge, Wurtele took the lead in the first kilometers of the circuit and did not abandon that position. Her advantage was growing kilometer by kilometer and only the good pace of the Belgian Katrien Verstuyft and the comeback of the Dutch Yvonne Van Vlerken could worry the Canadian. Finally, the half marathon decided and a smiling Heather Wurtele crossed the finish line with a time of 4:24:42, followed in second place by Katrien Verstuyft and Yvonne Van Vlerken 

Female classification


1 Heather WURTELE 4:24:42
2 Katrien VERSTUYFT 4:29:10
3 Yvonne VAN VLERKEN 4:30:57
4 Margie SANTIMARIA 4:33:43
5 Sofie GOOS 4:34:40
6 Amanda BOHLIN 4:35:04
7 Sara LOEHR MUÑOZ 4:41:13
8 Simona KRIVANKOVA 4:43:00
9 Mikaela PERSSON 4:45:49
10 Fenella LANGRIDGE 4:50:49


Total Results: http://www.challenge-mallorca.com/results/

There are no previous results.

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