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The feat of Jorge, the first deafblind in the world who will participate in a triathlon

Jorge Spain, from Zaragoza, 33 years, will compete on Sunday with his guide Mapi in the Triathlon of Zaragoza.

We echo this news published by the Herald, where they tell us that Jorge Spain, deafblind at birth with 33 years will participate for the first time in a triathlon this coming Sunday 14 of July in Zaragoza.

Mapi is "his eyes and his ears". Together they will face a major challenge: Jorge is the first congenital deafblind in the world who will participate in a triathlon.

The deafblind they communicate through the sign language supported, a variant that uses touch. Mapi and Jorge touch each other continuously, they embrace, she gives him her hand to guide him, he puts his hand on her neck to feel the vibration of the voice and the heart rate. The connection is total.

Jorge likes water since he was little. "It's aquatic since I was a baby. To keep him awake and develop sleep habits, his mother put him in a bathtub. And he developed an amazing ability in the aquatic environment.

Jorge started swimming more seriously when he met Mapi, four years ago. Together they have made the Crossing of the Almazora Sea (Castellón) in open waters (1,8 kilometers) three years, in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Last year, the idea emerged of going a step further and preparing a triathlon

image001-32 Jorge's feat, the first deafblind in the world to participate in a Triathlon News Triathlon
Jorge Spain, deafblind Zaragoza, and his guide Mapi Martínez.PF

On Sunday they will debut in the Triathlon of Zaragoza, with exit in the fluvial port of Vadorrey. Jorge and Mapi will swim 750 meters in the Ebro, will pedal 21 kilometers in a tandem and will run the 5 kilometers hand.

The two, Jorge and Mapi, like challenges. The Zaragoza Triathlon is a dream and a huge challenge. "ANDIt's amazing how Jorge has to assimilate the effort. How do you explain to a deaf and blind person from the incubator what are those sensations that the body gives you, why do you have to follow, why is the effort good for you?

The motivation comes through your mediator, from me. Although that moment is hard and difficult, when he has finished the sporting activity, absolute happiness comes to him. That's the reward: happiness«, Summarizes Mapi.

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