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The story of Matt Brammeier's overcoming: of almost dying in a brutal accident to run the London marathon

The wounds made him retire from cycling but now he will participate in the London marathon

We echo this information published by the Sixth, where we are told that the British cyclist Matt Brammeier had a very serious accident crashing into a car while driving down a port on the Tour of Utah at 2015 where almost lost the lifetime. Now, he has set himself a challenge with his wife: run the London marathon. 

Matt Brammeier was born again four years ago, an accident in the tour of Utah almost cost him his life. The injuries of the accident prevented him from continuing to compete in cyclingHowever, it was a challenge, to run the London marathon.

The accident that Matt had injured him in the ribs and pelvis, and could be much more, reached up to the 90km / ha the time of the blow.

Still, He has proposed running the London marathon. And he will not do it alone, his wife Nikky, also a professional cyclist, suffered a very hard accident in a race.

Video of the news:

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