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The Lliga de Clubs Caixa Popular opens the 2023 competition calendar in the Valencian Community

The Ricardo Tormo de Cheste Circuit, venue for the first duathlon of the year next Sunday, January 15

The triathlon calendar of the Valencian Community starts next Sunday, January 15 with the dispute of the first official test, the Duathlon by teams Ricardo Tormo de Cheste Circuit.

This is the first team competition, integrated into the League of Clubs Caixa Popular 2023, which has 779 registered triathletes, which marks the record for participation in the competition since its inception.

It is the most important circuit

La Lliga of Caixa Popular Clubs It is the most important regional circuit on the calendar for the triathlon teams of the Valencian Community.

The one that brings together the most triathletes throughout the year and in which the teams show their best cards.

It is usually made up of 6 tests in the different provinces, and in this edition it presents 2 important novelties.

On one hand, the economic endowment is increased by a total of €2.000. So the first 8 clubs start to receive a cash prize, instead of the first 5 in the general, both male and female.

single bib

On the other hand, this year the unique number will be used in the circuit in the individual events, so that the Federation continues to make progress in the implementation of this more sustainable competition model.

The objective of the Lliga de Clubs Caixa Popular is to promote a model of team sport and group work.

In this sense, in the Cheste competition the time of the team will be the time of the last member passing the finish line.

It will be necessary for 4 triathletes from the team to enter together through the finish line, and there may be up to 6 team members.

Finally, the 3 best teams in each of the divisions will climb to the podium: first, second and promotion.

The latter does not compete directly in the Lliga, but presents teams that fight to be in the top positions of the general classification, to be promoted to the 2nd division and enter the competition next year.

Calendar of Caixa Popular Clubs League 2023

After the dispute in Cheste, the following competitions that make up the calendar of the Caixa Popular Clubs League are the following:

  • February 12 – II DUATLÓ ALBERIC
  • April 30 – 33 VINARÒS TRIATHLÓ

The Lliga de Clubs Caixa Popular is the regional reference competition in triathlon. People's Bank accompanies this competition format since 2013, being its main sponsor.

The objective of this relationship is to promote the values ​​that this sport entails: effort, self-improvement and teamwork.


In this sense, repeats as a nutrition partner for the 2nd year, the brand GEO Professional Nutrition, products made with the most natural materials possible, such as 100% natural energy bars with no added sugars or preservatives.

GEO Nutrición offers post-finish supplies to the federated members who participate in each test.

They are incorporated into this edition of the Lliga as collaborators Auna Consultants, a company that offers insurance mediation and risk consulting services, aimed at both the business and individual segments, offering the added value of personalized and professional management as well as maximum independence.

And finally, BEMER, international market leader in the field of microcirculation, which has been developing patented treatments for physical vascular therapy since 1998 and conducts ongoing research in this field.

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