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Measures to counteract extreme heat in the triathlon test of the Tokyo Olympics

The ITU has taken a series of measures to avoid high temperatures in the test

El Tokyo Olympic Classification “Test” 2019 will take place between August 15 and 18 on the circuit of the Odaiba Park, an environment specially built for triathlon events, which will host triathletes and paratriathletes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

For this reason, it has been decided to implement some new measures to mitigate the effects of intense heat and the summer humidity of the Japanese capital that athletes will suffer during the competition.

After consulting its Medical Committees, Coaches Committee and Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympic Games (TOGOC), the ITU has prepared a series of significant changes in the races to guarantee the health and safety of the athletes.

Measures taken to counteract extreme heat in Tokyo

Advancement of the start time of the race To avoid high temperatures.

Among other important changes, water stations will be added to the foot race circuit, there will be air conditioning in the pre and post race areas, the heat stress protocolsand staff especially trained will join the technical teams. Also, there will be medical personnel every 500m along the 10km circuit on foot.

Other changes to the regulations have been designed to assist athletes in pre-race preparations. In this way, they can use cooling vests until its official introduction. Furthermore, its trainers will spray the bikes with cold water or frost between the introduction of the athletes and the exit.

To help athletes continue to feel comfortable towards the middle of the course, a special paint on the pavement to reduce heat which is reflected on the track. Athletes will also have permission to rest in designated cooling areas.

"We are taking all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of all. It is our highest priority, and we are convinced that with these measures, we are working in the right direction to reduce athletes' exposure to weather conditions.”Said Sergio Migliorini, ITU Medical Director.

During the races, coaches will be able to provide nutrition in designated areas of cycling and pedestrian circuits. Trash removal areas have also been removed, so there will be no penalties.

Among other measures, there will be shady areas designed for athletes to cool off after races. The awards ceremony and introduction of athletes will be brief to reduce exposure to heat as much as possible.

The ITU has updated the ITU's "protocols for the prevention of extreme heat illness" following the "IOC Plan to counter extreme heat conditions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games" and its manual for event organizers containing plans of contingencies in races that take place due to extreme heat.


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