Laura Gómez and Antonio Benito win the Zuia Duathlon

Both have broken the test record  

Today a new edition of the Zuia Duathlon where athletes of a high level have participated.

The weather has not been good today since the test began with clouds, cold and intermittent rain, which made it quite tough.

Proof of this was the exit sign with Antonio Benito, Urko Herrán and Fernando Zorrilla James Teagle Albert Moreno Pello Osoro, Eneko Llanos, among others.

Although some last-minute casualties have been missed, such as those of Kevin Viñuela, Rubén Ruzafa or Marta Sánchez.

In the men's test victory has been for Antonio Benito (3:07:25) with a great foot race followed by Fernando Zorrilla and by James Teagle third.

In the women's test everything has been decided in the last part of the test Laura Gomez he went solo to take the win. second was Helene Alberdi and third Christina of the Tower

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