Cyclists can circulate in groups and in parallel

The new law DGT recognizes not only the right of cyclists to circulate in parallel group, but also gives them priority in circulation.


Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. cyclists and bicycle fans are in luck, now it's time to spread the new rule to drivers, who must respect the strict rules of overtaking these vehicles that, due to their special circumstances, are extremely weak.


Cyclist tracking vehicles must circulate on the shoulder, according to this new law, which facilitates overtaking and reduces the risk of collision. Cyclists are still obliged to circulate on the shoulder Whenever circumstances allow, and retain the right to use the right side of the road whenever they need it (especially in long descents with curves). If they circulate in a group they will be considered as a single unit.


Cyclists can travel on the freeways as long as it is not expressly prohibited by a signal. But any ascent is accompanied by an increase in responsibility: the bikes must have reflective elements as well as their drivers, when they travel on interurban roads in circumstances where lighting is mandatory for the rest of the vehicles.

New terms for cyclists

• Cyclists, when they do not have a road or part of it specially intended for them, will ride on the right shoulder; Vehicles following cyclists may also do so, at a speed below the minimum limits
• Cyclists may exceed the maximum speed set for them (40 km / h) in those sections in which the circumstances of the road make it advisable to develop a higher speed, and may even occupy the right part of the road that they need, especially on long descents With curves.

•    They will be able to circulate on the roadsides of the motorways unless, for safety reasons, it is prohibited with signs.

• The cyclists they can circulate in a group, in which case they are considered as a single mobile unit for priority purposes.

•    To overtake a cyclist or group of them, part or all of the opposite lane of the road will be occupied, even when overtaking is prohibited, provided that the maneuver can be carried out safely.

• New terms are added such as CYCLING ROUTE (specifically adapted for bicycles); CARRIL-BICI (when it runs side by side to the road); CARRIL-PROTECTED BIKE (with lateral elements that separate it from the rest of the road); ACERA-BICI (with independent road layout); Y CYCLING PATH (road for pedestrians and bicycles that runs through open spaces, parks or forests).




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