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The favorites for the Ultraman World Championship 2018

From the hand of Marcos Lopez Bonilla, we tell you the main favorites, and the role of the 4 Spaniards who will compete in Hawaii 2018.

An Ultraman consists of completing 525 kilometers on the island of Hawaii where each participant of the test will complete in 3 days 10 km of swimming in the ocean, 421 km of cycling and 84 km of Carrera on foot with a double marathon

From the next 23 to the November 25 a new edition of the Ultraman World Championship in Hawaii, in the same way that Kona is the Mecca of the Ironman, it is also the Ultraman

The 33º edition of the World Championship in Hawaii this 2018 is marked above all by the modification of the mythical routes as a consequence of the natural damage that the Kailauea volcano caused with its eruption this year.

The bike tour of the first stage that ended in Volcanoy of the second stage that started there as well, and ended in Hawi, where the "double marathon" of the third stage started, have been modified by the impossibility of driving on scorched roads for the lava of the volcano. These circumstances make it an uncertainty the times that the athletes will take to complete the course and an incentive to follow an Ultraman totally different to other years.

In all this context of "novelty" ULTRAMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS we meet the different favorite triathletes: Some to be up in "the pomade" every year, and others to come from having won other Ultraman world series. We have in mind that there are always possibilities of a triathlete who can give the surprise, but if we are sure of something ... is that the athletes that we will name next will be giving a show and will fight to be world champions:

We can not start "the list of the elect" any other way than naming the current World Champion: Rob Gray.

Representing South Africa, this triathlete ex-military and passionate about the new technologies applied to sport (last year a chip that he carried in his stomach marked the food that his team had to give him in the race, being only a detail of many on the great strategist What is it).

As a curiosity, we can mention that last year he went down in history as the triathlete who has completed the fastest 84 km marathon. Rob was in second place two years ago, so he has an incredible progression and if this year he is in the same physical condition and with the same planning and control… It will be very difficult for him not to revalidate the title!

Another favorite world champion is usually Iñaki de la Parra; who was already a champion in the 2016, and of which, as a curious note, we can say that they usually take turns in Hawaii with their friend, the triathlete Jeremy Howard, who is the current runner-up in the world.

That is to say; if last year Iñaki was "Crew member" of Jeremy's team ... this year it would be Jeremy's turn to help Iñaki in his participation. Another important note; Iñaki has the third best time in history in the second stage, completing the 280 bike course in 7 hours 20 minutes.

Two other triathletes who should be fighting for the first places are the new winners of the Ultraman of Florida and the Ultraman of Australia:

David Hainish; Canadian athlete who was champion in Florida. And the Australian Richard Thompson, who was champion in Australia. Undoubtedly, and as Ultraman champions should be or touch the top 3.

To complete the Top 5 it is mandatory to remember to remember the Slovenian I look at Kregar, which has a reputation of great ultratriathlete won by pulse, and is a great example having been in recent years among the first 5. Only last year, an injury prevented him from finishing the 3º stage, when he was already placed among the first 4. He has the fifth best time in history in the double marathon with 6horas 14minutes. If there is one thing that is certain, it will be Top5, simply because it is always there.

Two other athletes who could be competing for a podium in Hawaii if they finally confirm their place would be, Tony O'Keeffe which is among the best 4 in the world for four years. And the French; Arnaud Selukov; champion in Australia, second in Canada and currently third in the World. If they finally exercise their place in the World Championship, they will be collaborating to the show.

As for the female gender; the favorite is the current world champion, the great Steffi Steinberg, triathlete who won last year with authority, and it seems that, despite the great female attendance this year, the only one that will be able to face him will be Fiona Siemelinx, the American that if it had not left last year because of the danger of the second stage, would have been second behind Steffi.

The Spanish

If we talk about the Spaniards; We can be happy to have a lot of assistance with 5 triathletes this year. Undoubtedly the main favorite among the Spanish is Juan Bautista Castilla Arroyo, better known as "Chamba". After competing in all the Ultraman world series and venues, this is his first world championship. And after having achieved important positions as a second place in Canada, or a third place in Australia, we have plenty of reasons to think that he will be in the Top Ten, and very likely in a position to fight and fight to enter the 5 first places .

A very pleasant novelty is the participation of a girl among the Spaniards; the triathlete Delia Banus Pedreny. Which is opening the doors of feminine ultradistance in our country.

They complete the Spanish representation; Marc Siques LLagostera, Ignacio Quiles Lara, and Juan Luis Quero Guerrero.

We are sure that all the Spanish crew will complete a great role in Hawaii, taking over from the participation of Marc Puig, Marcos López Bonilla and Roger Lacaci last year. We wish you all the luck in the world and the best experiences in Hawaii.

Further information: http://ultramanlive.com

Photos: Marcos Bonilla / Ultraman

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