The "PRO" Triathletes of the Lanzarote Ironman 2012

Next May 19 the IRONMAN of Lanzarote will be held, a test that is presented as a real challenge of physical and mental strength, where normal limits do not count.



Photo: Cesar Lloreda

This appointment will once again bring together the great stars of long distance triathlon, the show is served.

Do you want to know who will be the ones who will compete for the top positions on the podium?

The Belgian Bert Jammaer He already won the Ironman Lanzarote test in 2008 and 2009. The following year, in 2010, he almost succeeded but he allowed himself to be beaten in the last stage by Eneko Llanos. This year he aims to be the first male triathlete to achieve three victories in this event.

Stephen Bayliss, 2 x Ironman Champion (2008 Ironman South Africa & Ironman K) and 5th in Ironman Lanzarote 2009 (9:02:15) is certainly one of those that will make Jammaer's task difficult.

Petr Vabrousek, from the Czech Republic, he has an impressive list of long-distance triathlon results, among others he has finished more than 110 Ironman distance races since 1999.

The Belgian Bert Jammaer, double champion of the Ironman Lanzarote, not only will he have to be faster than the British Stephen Bayliss and the Czech Petr Vabrousek In his attempt to achieve a third victory on the course described by many as the toughest on the planet, he will also have to face many other professionals. Today we present the other men of the elite of this 21st Ironman Lanzarote that will be held on May 19.

Nicholas Ward Muñoz Although this year he will be the only professional rabbit athlete, he is one of the triathletes with the best podium options. Ward Muñoz, known to all as Nico, competes with a British passport, shares a domicile between Denmark with his wife Mette and their usual home, Lanzarote. Nico's dream is to win this race. In the last edition, he was the best local athlete, and he is very excited about this new opportunity.

Kirill Kotsegarov He comes from Estonia, and at 23 he already has an outstanding record in triathlons of various distances. He started his sports career as a swimmer, 10 years ago, but he has been in triathlon for 6 years and has recently decided to concentrate on the greater distances. His goal is none other than to win in Hawaii. Kirill weighs 80kg and is 1,91m tall, reminding us something of the Estonian double champion, Ain Alar Juhanson, who is also a friend of the young Kirill and confirms his faith that Kirill could very well win the Ironman Lanzarote 2012. He already won the Ironman Florida in 2009, at 8:24:29 and with the best partial bike.

Esben Hovgaard

(28/10/1982) from Denmark finished 3rd in the last edition and surely has a good chance of getting a podium place again, after a successful 2011.

Patrick Jaberg

(08/04/1980) is a police officer in Switzerland and his last participation in Lanzarote was in 2010, when he achieved a 9th place. In 2011, he finished 14th at the Arizona Ironman.

Ueli Bieler (17/11/1980), another Swiss participant, is from Zürich, and has completed the Kona Ironman three times, in 2005, 2007 and 2009 in addition to 7 times that of his homeland, with 9:07:09 as the best time .

His best marathon time is 2:39:48

Victor del Corral (13 / 05 / 1980)

Victor started competing in MTB races at age 13, but has since racked up victories and podium spots in long distance races, in XTerra, Cross Triathlon, Duathlon, Triathlon and Ironman. He was runner-up in the world in Duathlon and European champion in Cross Triathlon. He combines MTB and road cycling, and excels in all the sports he does. Born in Barcelona, ​​he spends more than half the year in Lanzarote, his second home.

Alvaro Velazquez

(07 / 04 / 1973)

Spanish, has finished five Ironman, and in 2010 he was 8th in Lanzarote with a time of 9 hours 9 minutes.

Eneko Elosegui

(15 / 01 / 1983)

Spanish. He was 6th in the Ironman China and 14th in the 2010 Ironman Lanzarote, being the 4th fastest in the cycling segment that year. At 29, he already has 12 Ironman Finisher medals.

Fernando Cuenllas Pardo

(04 / 09 / 1976)

He makes his debut in the long distance, after competing for several years in short and medium distance.

David Vázquez

He arrives on the triathlon scene after competing for several years in cycling, where he was proclaimed Champion of Catalonia of CRI. 

Sergio Marques

Portuguese, achieved very good results in 2011: 13th in the Ironman in South Africa, 5th in Ironman France and 6th in Ironman Switzerland.

Till Schramm

(Germany 20 / 03 / 1985)

He started his sports career with soccer, then went on to mountain biking and cycling to finally make it to triathlon. He is also dedicated to training other triathletes.

He has won several duathlon and triathlon championships in the sub23.

France will have 2 pro triathletes in this edition:

Simon Billeau

(17 / 01 / 1982)

His goal is to win an Ironman and be among the top 10 in Hawaii, he has so far finished the New Zealand Ironman, Melbourne, Germany and South Africa, as well as the France Ironman, where he obtained 3rd place.

His best time was in Australia, with 8 hours 30, and in Hawaii he was 48th in 2009. In New Zealand 2012, he was 18th.

Ludovic Le Guellec

(17 / 04 / 1982)

The other French triathlete describes himself as a very good runner, with a time of 2:50 in the Frankfurt marathon.

Remy Vasseur,

(14 / 01 / 1981)

Dutch, he is a pupil of Frank Heldoorn, twice winner of the Ironman Lanzarote. It will be the first Ironman as a professional for Vasseur who says he enjoys especially when he can help others, especially training children.

Domenico Passuello

(24 / 03 / 1978)

He is one of the best Ironman triathletes in Italy. Last year he was 4th in the Ironman UK and 7th in the Ironman France, also winning the Italian championship. This 2012, he has already achieved the bronze medal in the Ironman 70.3 in South Africa, but after this race, he has had to rest, due to an injury. Will he be able to be on the starting line, just as he had planned?

Oliver Simon

(28 / 10 / 1979)

From Wales, in the United Kingdom and was 5th at the Ironman UK, his first Ironman!

Daniel Halksworth

(23 / 01 / 1986)

From the British island of Jersey, he is a member of Team TBB and has only been in professional triathlon for one year. His greatest sporting achievement is a silver medal in the Aquathlon World Cup

Bryan Mccrystal

(20 / 01 / 1981)

Irish, he will compete for the first time as a professional, both in the Ironman Lanzarote and in the Volcano Triathlon on April 28. He is very excited to compete on this island that he loves.

Xavier Diepart

(19 / 06 / 1979)

Belgian, was 7th in the Ironman France 2010, with a time of 9:06:54

Professional athletes have until May 1 to formalize their registration, so possibly in the next few days, we will have a few more names!

There are no previous results.

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