María Pujol, will return to Challenge Salou

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After the 6ª place won last year, María Pujol will compete in the Challenge Salou next 27 in May.

Maria Pujol had a very regular 2017 season, with outstanding results throughout the year, highlighting the medal of plata in the LD Spain Championship of Ibiza and the triumphs in the Buelna Triathlon and the Andalusia MD Championship in Seville. He also achieved the second position in the triathlon of Guadalajara, the 4ª place in the championship of Spain of MD of Pamplona and the 6ª position in the Challenge Salou.

The own María He has confirmed that he will return to Challenge Salou to compete with the best and also has advanced a bit as it will be the beginning of the season. The Andalusian triathlete is expecting a spring with great challenges, she will start with the championship de Spain de Duathlon MD de Orihuela and then the Copa de España de Media Distancia in Seville. Possibly dispute some more test (still to be confirmed) before running the Challenge Salou.  

Maía Pujol in the Trialón de Ibiza

Last year you ran the Challenge Salou ... How was your career? How did you feel?

Salou arrived at a difficult time after two measures of distances in a month and the end of the master he was doing. Despite everything I ran well although on the bike I did not feel good at any time, I had to fight a lot mentally.

 And this year you return to Salou ... What motivations lead you to compete again in the Challenge Salou?

To overcome and improve in each segment, as well as to know the new bicycle circuit that the organization is preparing.

How are the circuits of the Challenge Salou? Could you summarize each segment?

The swimming circuit was one lap, which I prefer before turning 2 and having to leave the beach. By bike despite being several laps due to some last minute problems, it was a fast circuit where you can pedal fast. The race on foot is totally flat by the beach promenade. 

What did you think of the organization? How was the deal with the elite triathlete?

Organization and exquisite treatment. It is one of the reasons why I return. I have always valued the organization of the event, the safety of the athlete, refreshments, etc.

María Pujol in the running race

As a coach, could you give us some small tips for the triathletes that are going to compete in Salou? How should you face these months of preparation?

Follow your preparation as it is and if you train in winding terrain that frequent flat areas as it is a fairly fast triathlon in the segments of bicycle and running.

As for swimming, being in the sea is ideal to train in it and leave the comfort of the pool to avoid surprises on the day of the test. 

And for those who have not yet decided to register ... how can we motivate them to do so? Very cool test for the area where it is organized, there is a great atmosphere encouraging, as I said the organization is excellent and above there are very good transport combinations to get there.

You can follow María Pujol on her social networks @trimariapujol or on her personal website

Photos provided by María Pujol

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