Marina Damlaimcourt and Iván Tejero win in the triathlon of Cuenca

The Olympian Marina Damlaimcourt prevailed in the Women. The honoree Josemi Pérez took the race calmly and entered sixteenth. More than 200 triathletes from all corners of the country participated in this edition

The bottles of water and the fans to combat the 40º that they made in the Torremangana Hotel in Cuenca at 17.30:1.500 p.m.... and while the rest of the mortals looked for the shade, two hours, four minutes and fifty-five seconds after starting the XXIV Triathlon "Ciudad de Cuenca", Iván Tejero crossed the finish line as if running ten kilometers, swimming 40 meters and cycling XNUMX kilometers were the easiest thing in the world

It must be for a man accustomed to ironman distances, that is, tougher competitions, with longer distances. Behind him, 18 seconds away, was Stojanovic, while José Manuel del Real completed the podium. In Women, an Olympian, Marina Damlaimcourt, who comes to Cuenca whenever she can to participate in this test, prevailed over Miriam Casillas and Laia Escobedo.

As for those from the Region, a good performance by the Tritalavera Club, with Luis Manuel González and Daniel Arriero, 12th and 14th, respectively, while the Olympian Josemi Pérez faced this race to enjoy after a very hard year. The man from Cuenca was 16th, but he already had the reward two weeks ago when competing in Hyde Park.

Happy for the victory

Iván Tejero was exultant at the end of the test. “It is the eighth year that I do this race, I know it by heart. I come from training in the Pyrenees to the fullest, I didn't know how I was going to get there physically. I pushed very hard on the bike to try to get it resolved, then in the race on foot I got quite an advantage, groping a lot, Stojanovic almost came behind and caught me, but I adjusted well and I got the victory”. In addition, he recognized that this test is one of his favorites. "I love it, whenever I can I take part every year, because it is a triathlon that I love, beautiful, it has the essence of what I like, Cuenca is one of my favorites".

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